Stacking The Shelves #24 - The One Where I Sort-Of Broke My Book-Buying Ban

Hi Everyone!
Last Sunday, my WONDERFUL Friends decided to come home and well, surprise me for my birthday (which went away three months ago. #punctuality) and for my "birthday" gift, they gave me an Amazon Gift Card. 

While I do appreciate the thought, I waited three months for an OH SO THOUGHTFUL... Gift Card? I guess I'm just wishing they TRIED MORE, but well, I got to buy books while I only SORT OF broke my ban?

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by the bloggers at Tynga's Reviews and over the last week, I bought:


One1. One by Sarah Crossan:
I'm absolutely in LOVE with the way this sounds - conjoined sisters and the lives they lead. I've heard that this book will break my heart and that I will never read a book like this and so I HAD TO OWN IT. 

REALLY REALLY hoping it lives up to the hype.

The Guy Next Door (Boy, #1)2. The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot:

There was an AWESOME sale on Amazon where all these books were for about 140 rupees (around $2) for paperbacks and ACK. Which self-respecting bookworm could EVER pass up on a deal like that?

I also recently read Book 4 in The Boy series, The Boy Is Back, which I LOVED and I knew I needed to own the rest of it. 

Boy Meets Girl (Boy, #2)3. Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

This was ALSO a $2 deal and ACK. I adore all Meg Cabot books- they're such light, easy reads and WHO can pass them up. 

I have a vague recollection of reading this book when I was twelve, but then I don't think I understood ANYTHING, so hopefully soon, I'll be giving it a read.

Every Boy's Got One (Boy, #3)4. Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot:

Same as above, except I think that this one sounds THE BEST of all. I absolutely love cynic-y boys and this one has exactly that.


So, my best friend moved away to do his Undergrad in the US which was super sad, until I realized I could send all kings of US mail to him. The first thing I sent him was my CROOKED KINGDOM PRE-ORDER SWAG and after he didn't receive it for months, I thought for sure it was lost, until yesterday, when he handed me this shiny gold bubble mailer and I SQUEALED!
Image result for crooked kingdom pre-order swag

The Package Contained:

1. A SIGNED BookPlate by Leigh Bardugo
2. A Pouch with Crooked Kingdom embossed in Gold
3. Crooked Kingdom DICE GAME! 
- These have all the characters on the six sides of the dice over standard numbers
4. Rules to play the Dice Game

ACK. Swag from the Grishaverse was ON MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST, and I am SO BEYOND HAPPY WITH IT.

What did you stack onto your shelves this week?
I can't wait to check out your stacks this week, so please do leave me your links!

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