Review Policy

To all authors, agents, publishers or anyone who would like me to review a book:

Thank you for coming onto my blog, from all the other wonderful blogs out there. My reviews will be about my honest opinion of the book, and will not be biased. In addition to my review, there will be general info about the book.

I accept mainly YA book, and a few NA, from the following genres:
1. Sci-Fi and Fantasy
2. Romance
3. Mystery and Thrillers
4. Distopian and Futuristic
5. Contemprary
6. Historical Fiction
And any other Fictional book. I will not accept any sort of Erotica, Non-fiction, Religious books, Self- Help etc.

I will accept ARC's, E-Books, Galleys and, of course completed books or any other type of book within the genres above either in Paperback, Hardcover or e-book version (either ePub or mobi format) (PDF Not Preferred).

My reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and occasionally, on the Guardian Children's Website.

DNF Policy:

If I do happen to not take to a book ( or "DNF")  it, a review will only be posted on GoodReads and not my blog. I've never done this before- but my reviews are honest and so if the case arises, I will have to. Rest Assured, I will try my level best to finish it.

I will be delighted to do author events- blog posts and interviews always with an interview- and giveaways.

Kindly contact me via email at regarding any of the above or more information.

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  1. Hi. I wrote a YA spy thriller that has a romance thread titled "Fearless", which just released in May and I'm seeking reviews for it. This is the blurb:

    Terrorists are recruiting kids. To stop them, the government enlists teens no one will suspect of aiding authorities—delinquents. Derrick’s trained his entire life to join his CIA father in the field. Framed as a traitor, his dad flees leaving his seventeen-year-old son a ward of the state. If the government calls off the manhunt for his dad, Derrick’s willing to infiltrate the terrorist groups. He’ll endanger himself, but can he risk the lives of Gina and the other teens at Fallentier group home?

    Thank you for your consideration. I can send an e-book or paperback copy to you if you'd be interested. I can be contacted at