Book Shaped Magic // ARC Review: A Million Junes by Emily Henry

Title: A Million Junes
Author: Emily Henry
Publication Date: May 16th 2017
Publisher: Razorbill (Penguin Random House)
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: Penguin Random House International
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Blurb Description: Romeo and Juliet meets One Hundred Years of Solitude in Emily Henry's brilliant follow-up to The Love That Split the World, about the daughter and son of two long-feuding families who fall in love while trying to uncover the truth about the strange magic and harrowing curse that has plagued their bloodlines for generations. 
In their hometown of Five Fingers, Michigan, the O'Donnells and the Angerts have mythic legacies. But for all the tall tales they weave, both founding families are tight-lipped about what caused the century-old rift between them, except to say it began with a cherry tree.
Eighteen-year-old Jack “June” O’Donnell doesn't need a better reason than that. She's an O'Donnell to her core, just like her late father was, and O'Donnells stay away from Angerts. Period.
But when Saul Angert, the son of June's father's mortal enemy, returns to town after three mysterious years away, June can't seem to avoid him. Soon the unthinkable happens: She finds she doesn't exactly hate the gruff, sarcastic boy she was born to loathe. 
Saul’s arrival sparks a chain reaction, and as the magic, ghosts, and coywolves of Five Fingers conspire to reveal the truth about the dark moment that started the feud, June must question everything she knows about her family and the father she adored. And she must decide whether it's finally time for her—and all of the O'Donnells before her—to let go.
The books that end in:

a)      Ugly crying in the middle of a crowded airplane in the middle of the night and
b)      Forgetting heavy turbulence in a two flight binge read

Are ones that fall into the REALLY REALLY GOOD variety and A Million Junes was one of them.

I haven’t read Emily Henry’s debut novel, The Love That Split The World that released last year but there was a lot of hype surrounding it and it’s GORGEOUS cover and so when I got the opportunity to read A Million Junes this year, I JUMPED.

Let it never be told that Emily Henry can’t create a story or chemistry on paper or make magic feel real because A Million Junes did ALL of the above and did it REALLY REALLY WELL.


1.       A Romeo and Juliet Retelling! WOOHOO! (They’re not my favourite fictional couple but I do love retakes on classics)

2.       THE CHEMISTRY OH MY GOD. June (Jack) O’Donnell IV and Saul Angert (aka Juliet and Romeo respectively) had this palpable, quick witted and undeniable chemistry that floated off the page and I loved it. There’s nothing better than star crossed, forbidden lovers with AMAZING chemistry to make you root for a romance.

3.       This was so positively best friend positive. I loved the friendship between Hannah and June and this bond they had with each other. I loved that they believed each other, they supported and made fun of each other and I actually wish that there was more in the book that was just the two of them.

4.       I loved the magic of the town of Five Fingers. There were so many stories, most of them unbelievable but they definitely added to the mystic element of everything. I liked the ghosts too, but I most definitely preferred the chemistry between Saul and June and their double dates with Nate and Hannah.

5.       Honestly, the reason I closed this book with tear stains on the last pages is because of the magic that Emily Henry managed to create between June and her dad. It was honestly heart-breaking and so beautifully written and I find it so hard to explain but it just was something you NEED to read.
I can’t capture the magic of this book because I don’t write like Emily Henry does. It was a truly astounding, gorgeously constructed, chemistry filled book that will stay with you long after you’re done.

Magic in the shape of a book, I should call it, because everything about it was PERFECT. 5 stars. 
Image result for emily henryEmily Henry is full-time writer, proofreader and donut connoisseur. She studied creative writing at Hope College and the New York Center for Art & Media Studies, and now spends most of her time in Cincinnati, Ohio and the part of Kentucky just beneath it.
Have you read either of Emily Henry's books? What did you think of them?
What are some of your favourite retellings? I can't wait for your recommendations!
I'm so sorry I haven't been replying to comments - I've been on vacation and I'll be sure to do it as soon as I find the time!

Geek Overload // REVIEW: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Title: Queens of Geek
Author: Jen Wilde
Publication Date: March 14th 2017
Publisher: Swoon Reads (Macmillan)
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: Macmillan International (THANK YOU!)
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Blurb Description: When BFFs Charlie, Taylor and Jamie go to SupaCon, they know it’s going to be a blast. What they don’t expect is for it to change their lives forever.
Charlie likes to stand out. SupaCon is her chance to show fans she’s over her public breakup with co-star, Reese Ryan. When Alyssa Huntington arrives as a surprise guest, it seems Charlie’s long-time crush on her isn’t as one-sided as she thought.
While Charlie dodges questions about her personal life, Taylor starts asking questions about her own.
Taylor likes to blend in. Her brain is wired differently, making her fear change. And there’s one thing in her life she knows will never change: her friendship with Jamie—no matter how much she may secretly want it to. But when she hears about the Queen Firestone SupaFan Contest, she starts to rethink her rules on playing it safe.
Before I begin describing what was actually inside the book, I feel like that ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSLY PINK MARVEL OF A COVER NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED. It is so fun, perfect and AAH. It honestly feels like a privilege to own books with beautiful covers and Queens of Geek was one of those.

Also, this book was set in a fictional version of San Diego Comic Con which is the ONE CON my two best friends and I have been DYING to go to for years, and this book felt like I was living vicariously and I LOVED THAT.


1.       This book tried to take on a LOT of topics – Anxiety, Sexuality, Body Shaming and Fame among others in a very small space. All of them were handled really well, and the intended message WAS put across, but in a book that is BARELY 300 pages, it felt rushed. Body Shaming got a chapter, Sexuality or rather Bisexuality was mostly given one conversation. I think it’s AWESOME that so much was there, I just wish it was all talked about more.

2.       THIS WAS SET IN A CONVENTION. WITH THREE BEST FRIENDS. And I really really loved it. What’s better than a bunch of real best friends who are all geeks at the biggest convention in the world geeking out and falling in love? THE BEST THANK YOU!
Image result for queens of geek
Graphic by Paper Fury

3.       While I thought that this book, and the issues it handled could have been dealt with in more depth, Anxiety was handled absolutely perfectly. More than anything else, I understood what Taylor was going through when the book was told in her viewpoint. I loved how it was explained to those of us who don’t suffer from Anxiety, I love how STRONG Taylor was at Supa Con. Basically I loved Taylor, and the writing that created her.

4.       Taylor and Jamie are my new OTP. HONESTLY. Best Friend Romances are my ACHILLES HEEL or plot lines and while I’d love them on principle, I ADORE the chemistry that Jen Wilde manages to create between them. They were both suck adorable geeky humans and so easy to love.

5.       I really liked Charlie as a person. She was strong and had her own insecurities and her voice was so powerful. She wasn’t just a pink haired movie star, she felt like a real person and I connected with her oh-so easily. 

Image result for queens of geek

Would I recommend reading this? UHM YES. If you’re a fangirl that loves reading books about Fangirls and best friends and Conventions, THIS IS SO FOR YOU!

An important geek filled ride that will leave you smiling, swooning and booking tickets to the con you’ve always dreamed of going too! 4 stars.  
Jen  WildeJen Wilde is a writer, geek and fangirl. Her debut into fiction, THE EVA SERIES, reached over three million reads on Wattpad and became an Amazon bestseller. 

When she’s not writing, she loves binge-watching Netflix, eating pizza, and going to pop culture conventions cosplaying as Marty McFly. 

Jen lives in a beachside town in Australia with her husband and their troublesome pug, aptly named Heisenberg. 
What are some of your favourite fandom based novels? 
Do you like reading books about cons and with fangirls, or do you feel like they're never good enough? 
I can't wait to hear from you!

Refreshingly Cute // REVIEW: The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

Title: The Names They Gave Us
Author: Emery Lord
Publication Date: June 1st 2017
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: Bloomsbury India (THANK YOU!)
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Blurb Description: From acclaimed author Emery Lord comes a vibrant, compelling story of love, loss, faith, and friendship.
Lucy Hansson was ready for a perfect summer with her boyfriend, working at her childhood Bible camp on the lake. But when her mom’s cancer reappears, Lucy falters—in faith, in love, and in her ability to cope. When her boyfriend “pauses” their relationship and her summer job switches to a different camp—one for troubled kids—Lucy isn’t sure how much more she can handle. Attempting to accept a new normal, Lucy slowly regains footing among her vibrant, diverse coworkers, Sundays with her mom, and a crush on a fellow counselor. But when long-hidden family secrets emerge, can Lucy set aside her problems and discover what grace really means?
Emotionally-charged and unforgettable, Emery Lord’s storytelling shines with the promise of new love and true friendship, even in the face of life’s biggest challenges.
Thoughts/ Opinions before Reading:

   1)      This is only my second Emery Lord book – the first being When We Collided that was NICE, but not all I expected it to be
   2)      I’m a little wary to be reading a book about faith and Christianity (I’m agnostic, and books that incorporate a lot of religion aren’t necessarily my favourite)

Thoughts after reading the book:

Short and Sweet: The Names They Gave Us surprised me in the best way – it had all the goodness of a summer romance, had just the right amount of family and faith, it handled all the issues it took on perfectly and was so real I couldn’t help but fall in love.

·         Lucy Esther had one of the best character growths I’ve seen in a while. She started off as your standard good girl, a little na├»ve, a little set in her ways (cue terms like *hippie camp* and *heathens*) but by the end of it, she’d definitely grown as a person and I loved witnessing it.

·         I LOVED LUCY’S FAMILY. I’m ALWAYS, ALWAYS complaining about how families just aren’t portrayed enough in YA contemporaries and how that makes them so unbelievable because HELLO – minors and high school? Lucy’s family was just the right amount of present, they were constantly in her thoughts and well, THEY MATTERED IN THIS BOOK. Thank you, Emery for bringing the perfect amount of family life to a YA Book.

·         SUMMER CAMP! I’ve never been at a month long camp, and I haven’t really thought about what it would be like, but I really truly loved the atmosphere of this camp. It had a bunch of kids with difficult lives trying to be kids and I loved everything about it! I loved the counselors and the banter they had among themselves, and the fact that these humans were real friends

·         FAITH. Or, more specifically, the way faith was handled. Like I said in my ‘before’ thoughts, I’m agnostic (not an atheist, not religious) and so books with their content as religion aren’t my favourite. For the first time, I not only didn’t mind it, I felt like it really tied the whole book together, making Lucy a character that was so much more life-like.

A cute, refreshing, swoon-worthy, family filled summer read from one of the masters of contemporary young adult literature! 5 stars!
Emery LordHi! I'm Emery. I'm the author of four novels about teenage girls: OPEN ROAD SUMMER, THE START OF ME & YOU, WHEN WE COLLIDED, and THE NAMES THEY GAVE US. 
I was born near a harbor on the East coast and raised near a beach, an ocean, a great lake, and the Ohio River. I'm a longtime Cincinnatian, where we love good beer, good music, and our public library. 
I'm married to a scientist who shuts down every wedding dance floor, and we are owned by two rescue dogs. I believe in the magic of storytelling, Ferris wheels, and you.  
Have you read any of Emery Lord's other books? What did you think of them? 
What are some of your favourite contemporary novels? 
Who are some of your favourite teen protagonists? I can't wait to hear from you!

WHAT EVEN // REVIEW: The Go - Between by Veronica Chambers

Title: The Go - Between
Author: Veronica Chambers
Publication Date: May 9th 2017
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: The publisher via NetGalley (THANK YOU!)
Blurb Description: Fans of Jane the Virgin will find much to love about this coming-of-age novel from bestselling author Veronica Chambers, who with humor and humanity explores issues of identity and belonging in a world that is ever-changing. 
She is the envy of every teenage girl in Mexico City. Her mother is a glamorous telenovela actress. Her father is the go-to voice-over talent for blockbuster films. Hers is a world of private planes, chauffeurs, paparazzi and gossip columnists. Meet Camilla del Valle Cammi to those who know her best. 
When Cammi s mom gets cast in an American television show and the family moves to LA, things change, and quickly. Her mom s first role is playing a not-so-glamorous maid in a sitcom. Her dad tries to find work but dreams about returning to Mexico. And at the posh, private Polestar Academy, Cammi s new friends assume she s a scholarship kid, the daughter of a domestic.
At first Cammi thinks playing along with the stereotypes will be her way of teaching her new friends a lesson. But the more she lies, the more she wonders: Is she only fooling herself? 
To be quite honest, my mind is in its own new kind of turmoil. I’ve deleted the rambling of this review a few times now, so this is my third (okay, fifth) to do this well:


1.       It was pitched as a book PERFECT for fans of Jane The Virgin
2.       It sounded like something I NEEDED to get my hands on!


1.       It was sort of a third person encounter of EVERYTHING and I felt like it was sort of a narration, not a personal experience.
2.       Other than being rich, having security and staff for everything, there was REALLY NOTHING about her mom in the book.
3.       A LIAR AND A FOOL OF A MAIN CHARACTER who I spent about 60% of the book wanting to shake.
4.       An entire discussion on racism playing out on my head.


Camilla Del Valle is a Mexican Girl who claims to be above the whole “Rich Kids of Mexico” thing but is really just one. All she wants is one friend who won’t sell her secrets out to the press or fangirl over her mom, a very famous telenovela star.

Until, that is, her mom makes the family move from Mexico City to LA and her life changes.


1.       She is living in Beverly Hills (!)
2.       She goes to a fancy prep school (!)
I am SO FREAKING mad about this. LIKE HOW COULD YOU. How DARE you insult people that are actually facing hard financial lives and DON’T HAVE CHAUFFERS, NUTRITIONISTS AND SECURITY GUARDS? How DARE you accept charity from your friends like $100 here and there and DESIGNER JACKETS? WHO ARE YOU?

WHAT WAS THAT BOOK?                 

Apparently, it was OH SO TOTALLY justified because her friends were racist (AGAIN, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT BLATANT RACISM?) and AAAH.


-          Mother is a maid (TV Superstar) and father is a gardener (Voices Spanish Version of Iron Man)
-          FATHER EARNS LESS THAN $25 PER HOUR because he’s a MEXICAN Gardener.
-          Daughter works in the kitchen because she’s MEXICAN
-          She can’t afford anything.
I’m so ANGRY at everyone in this book. ANGRY.

SERIOUSLY. Everyone in this book below the age of 20 (except Milly) deserved a GOOD SHAKE AND A DAMN REALITY CHECK.

2 stars and I don’t even know how I got through this book. NOT RECOMMENDED.
Veronica ChambersVeronica Chambers is a prolific author, best known for her critically acclaimed memoir, Mama’s Girl, which has been course adopted by hundreds of high schools and colleges throughout the country. The New Yorker called Mama’s Girl “a troubling testament to grit and mother love… one of the finest and most evenhanded in the genre in recent years.” Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, Ms. Chambers' work often reflects her Afro-Latina heritage.
Veronica has contributed to several anthologies, including the best-selling Bitch in the House, edited by Cathi Hanuaer, and Mommy Wars, edited by Leslie Morgan Steiner.

A graduate of Simon’s Rock College at Bard, she and her husband have endowed three scholarships at the college in the fields of music and literature.

Have you read anything from Veronica Chambers? Have you read this book? What did you think of it?
Have you seen the BRILLIANT Jane the Virgin? It's one of my favourite shows and I could not recommend it enough!

Enchantingly Written // REVIEW: The Whole Thing Together by Ann Brashares

Title: The Whole Thing Together
Author: Ann Brashares
Publication Date: April 25th 2017
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: The Publisher via NetGally (THANK YOU!)
Buy Links: Amazon IN || Amazon US || Amazon UK || Barnes and Noble || The Book Depository || Wordery || Foyles || Waterstones || WHSmith || Kobo || Books A Million || Chapters Indigo || Google Books
Blurb Description: We live in the same place, but never together.
Summer for Sasha and Ray means the sprawling old house on Long Island. Since they were children, they’ve shared almost everything—reading the same books, running down the same sandy footpaths to the beach, eating peaches from the same market, laughing around the same sun-soaked dining table. Even sleeping in the same bed, on the very same worn cotton sheets. But they’ve never met.
Sasha’s dad was once married to Ray’s mom, and together they had three daughters: Emma, the perfectionist; Mattie, the beauty; and Quinn, the favorite. But the marriage crumbled and the bitterness lingered. Now there are two new families—and neither one will give up the beach house that holds the memories, happy and sad, of summers past.
The choices we make come back to haunt us; the effect on our destinies ripples out of our control…or does it? This summer, the lives of Sasha, Ray, and their siblings intersect in ways none of them ever dreamed, in a novel about family relationships, keeping secrets, and most of all, love. 
While I’ve watched and been inspired by Ann Brashares’ first series, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I’d never actually picked up the books to read them, and hence I’ve never experienced Ann’s writing style.

Which is why that is the first thing I’m going to talk about.

The writing was so… ethereal. It was subtle yet delivered its point all the way, it narrated but didn’t bore and HOLY CRAP I could spend years just reading the way Ann wrote this book, because of regardless of my problems with it, it was GORGEOUS WRITING.  

What is this about?                   

Lila and Robert used to be married. They had three lovely daughters – Emma, Quinn and Mattie and then after an undisclosed falling out, they separated and go re-married to have children born one month apart – Ray and Sasha.

Their parents would do anything to avoid staying in the same room as each other – anything.
And so despite sharing three sisters, a house and a bedroom, Ray and Sasha have never met. They have a relationship that never existed; they’re deeply considered strangers.

Over the span of one summer, the lives of all five siblings will change. One will move on to another place, one will get married, two will fall in love and one will question who she is in a house they alternate, always split, never together.
“What if she’s unknowingly traded her greatest dread for her oldest wish?”
The things I LOVED about this book include the WRITING. Holy crap it was beautiful and enchanting and I wanted to wrap myself in it and never leave.

Another thing I LOVED was the simple complicatedness of everything. There was nothing far-fetched or unbelievable about this, and yet the web of everything was so intricately knotted that I JUST HAD TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I loved the basic premise of the story (even though it took me a while to get used to the names) and the characters.

Like I said, I did have a few problems.

The first was Sasha and Ray. I didn’t have an issue with the potential half incestuous thing, but what DID BOTHER ME was that THEY WERE SO IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF EACH OTHER and the whole FORBIDDEN FRUIT thing that they didn’t stop to see that THEY DIDN’T KNOW EACH OTHER. In the whole book, they would have had TEN DIRECT EXCHANGES, if even that. I don’t know WHAT that conclusion of theirs was, but UGH. DID. NOT. GET. IT.

I also hated what happened at the ending. As is switch viewpoints, everyone asked Quinn, “Did you plan it like this?” BECAUSE NO. NO, SHE DIDN’T PLAN IT. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE.

All in all, I was definitely captured by the magic of Ann Brashares. A poignant, beautifully written tale on what it means to be a family. 4 stars.
Ann BrasharesAnn Brashares grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with three brothers and attended a Quaker school in the D.C. area called Sidwell Friends. She studied Philosophy at Barnard College, part of Columbia University in New York City. Expecting to continue studying philosophy in graduate school, Ann took a year off after college to work as an editor, hoping to save money for school. Loving her job, she never went to graduate school, and instead, remained in New York City and worked as an editor for many years. Ann made the transition from editor to full-time writer with her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Ann and her husband live with their three children in New York.
Have you seen/ read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? What did you think of it? 
Which 'sister' would you say you're the most similar to? 
Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

Stacking The Shelves #29 - The One Where I'm Going on Vacation

I have a flight out of the country in LESS THAN SIX HOURS and I'm frantically scheduling Blog Posts so that my blog is at least half way active! I promise I'll return and reply to all of your comments and I hope you love all the reviews coming up!

I also just finished interning at my first company, The Pixelate as a copy-writing intern and it was SUCH A JOY getting to learn and also to meet new people and expand my writing skills. We laughed, drank a lot of coffee, wrote and basically, it was the best first job experience anyone could have asked for.

Here's my Stacking The Shelves. I honestly can't remember when I last did one, so here goes:

The Crown's Fate (The Crown's Game, #2)FOR REVIEW:
From Harper Collins India:

1. The Crown's Fate by Evenly Skye: 
THIS IS A HARDCOVER! India usually releases only paperbacks, and my copy of book one, The Crown's Game is in paperback but I love hardcover SO MUCH MORE! I'm so excited to see what will happen with Vika, Nikolai and Pasha and I can't wait to dive in!

Made You Up2. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia: 
I've heard nothing but BRILLIANT things about the book with the girl who can't tell reality from her own delusions. The cover looks so perfect, and I am so excited that the lovely people at Harper Collins finally published this in India and were awesome enough to send me a copy. Fingers crossed that I love it!

Baaz3. Baaz by Anuja Chauhan: 
One of the only Indian Authors on my auto buy list despite the fact that I love here, I AM SO EXCITED for Anuja's latest book. Set in 1973, with the main character being a Pilot in the Indian Air Force and I can't wait to dive into another book from mt favourite author.

From Macmillan Intl: 
A Crown of Wishes (The Star-Touched Queen, #2)1. A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi:
I read Roshani's debut novel, The Star Touched Queen, last year. While it wasn't my favourite book, I knew I NEEDED to read her next book, A Crown of Wishes, which the lovely folks at Macmillan sent me. Roshani's writing was utter and complete perfection and I could not recommend diving into this series more. Read my review here.

Queens of Geek2, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde:
Conventions? Two romances? THAT PICK HAIRED COVER? Sign me up, and sign me up YESTERDAY! I have it in my hand luggage for my flight tonight and I'm so excited to dive into the fandom filled world.

From Penguin Random House International: 
A Million Junes1. A Million Junes by Emily Henry: 
I heard nothing but great things about Emily Henry's debut novel, The Love That Split The World, last year but I never got the chance to get my hands on it. I was beyond excited when an ARC of A Million Junes landed on my doorstep this Monday because NOW I GET TO TAKE IT ON VACATION WITH ME! So excited to start this book.

Before I Let GoFrom NetGalley: 
Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp: 
I've actually refrained from hitting the Request button on anything and everything on NetGalley but when I saw Marieke's 2018 release, I COULD NOT RESIST! Marieke is SUCH an amazing author and the cover is gorgeous and I can't wait to dive in, even if it releases oh about seven months away.

King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)1. King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard
I almost cried when I got my hands on this book and I have packed it in my "I just want to read" tote and it's in my suitcase and I'm planning on reading it over my ten day trip! The ending is apparently very cliffhanger-y and will ruin your soul and I CANNOT WAIT.
A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)
2. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas: 
I HAVE FINISHED THIS. I haven't collected my thoughts in a review yet, but hopefully I will be able to. I finished it a little less than two days ago but this book was NOTHING like ACOMAF, even if it was a good book.
What did you stack onto your shelves this week?
I can't wait to check out your stacks this week, so please do leave me your links!