Top Ten Things I OH SO WISH Will Magically Land Under My Christmas Tree (Top Ten Tuesday #21)

Hi Guys!
I have exams going on, and I need to run away and finish five submissions the minute I finish typing up this post, but well, this is a WELCOME break. 

One of the reasons I don't like living in India (OTHER than the fact that all cool bookish events happen HALF THE WORLD away) is the fact that WE DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. 

In any case, I still have a wishlist (DUH.) and last year I also gifted myself The Lunar Chronicles among other stuff (books) and so, while I won't have a tree for SOME KIND SOUL to leave me presents, here are the top ten BOOKISH THINGS I would KILL FOR this season.
Image result for owlcrate 1. An OwlCrate Subscription:
I found this BEAUTIFUL book subscription box last year and can I just say I NEED ONE? They always have the best of bookish goodies and the best books, and EVERYTHING IS JUST SO AWESOME. I have been dying to be a part of this community, but it's just WAY too expensive.
The box costs about $30 plus there;s a $20 shipping fee, which goes WAY over my budget. Whoops.

Still, TOP on my wishlist.
I AM OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING GINA MAKES. Not only is she the sweetest person EVER, her products are AWESOME. I'm ESPECIALLY fond of the Rhysand lip balms and soaps, the ACOMAF Bookmarks and even the Feyre ones. (Basically ANYTHING Night Court Related.)
If you haven't guessed, YES, A Court of Mist and Fury is THE BEST THING EVER.

 3. EVERYTHING From Evie Seo:

Another AWESOME designer I discovered a year ago, Evie Seo designs THE BEST PRODUCTS EVER. I already own her #booknerd pouch and her I Want To Read Tote, BUT I NEED MORE.


I think my next purchase will be another Tote. Or A Mug. Or A Throw Pillow. Sigh. This is why I need EVERYTHING.
Image result for floating bookshelves 4. Floating Bookshelves:

HOW COOL ARE THESE. I'm sorry, but I NEED THEM. I'm imagining putting these all over my room, with my favourite series' floating all over, and I feel this INTENSE NEED TO OWN IT NOW.

These are my favourite kind of MINI Bookshelves, and well, I'd LOVE to hear what you think of it!
Image result for six of crows swag 5. Six Of Crows/ Grisha Swag:
While a whole lot of books have GREAT Swag, there is NOTHING I've wanted more than the GORGEOUS Grisha and Six Of Crows Swag. I LOVE the Character Poster, the tattoo set and the buttons. I WANT THEM.

I also recently finished Crooked Kingdom, and IT SLAYED ME. I can't believe we'll never return to the world. *continues mourning loss of heart*
 6. OwlPost Subscription Box:
I only recently discovered this BEAUTIFUL Subscription Box, located in Pakistan (which is just above India, Geographically) and ACK. They're a LOT cheaper than the OwlCrate (see #1) and definitely more affordable to me. I will definitely be a customer soon, just as soon as I replenish my money from my previous Story Trunk subscription box.
7. A DSLR Camera:
In all fairness, I'm going to be getting one of these next year, at around April as I have two semesters of photography in college, but CAN I HAVE IT NOW PLEASE.

Not only do I need it for college, but also for my bookstagram feed, which you can check out here.

While I do want a LOT OF THINGS, Any and ALL books will leave me ONE HAPPY POTATO. I mean, my TBR Pile is CRUSHING me, but I've never been happier about it. The thought that I have so many new world waiting to dive into gives my unlimited joy, just as I'm sure it must do for you!
Here is a post that accurately describes my feelings on the matter:
Image result for usps packages10. All my BOOKMAIL to arrive safely:
I don't know about you, but I live in the PERPETUAL fear that the boogie monster is eating my mail/ the post office is in on a conspiracy to NEVER GIVE ME BOOKS/ my mother is hiding them because of "exams" but well, I NEED ALL MY BOOKMAIL TO ARRIVE SAFELY for this to be a (non-existent) but Happy Christmas!

I'm sending out some Christmas Emails (with some cool artwork), so if you want one to brighten your day further, just shoot me an email at
HERE'S WISHING YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! (With the hope that you get everything you want)

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