Top Ten Characters I LOVE / Dislike But Others Seem Dislike/ LOVE (Top Ten Tuesday, #4)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

AAAH! I usually like pretty standard characters, and it was really hard for me to come up with ten names on either side, so I picked five and five. Sorry, that's cheating, I know!


1. Maven Calore - Red Queen Series: I have seen everyone fangirling over Cal, and *SPOILER ALERT* he seems SO boring, and standard, and sort of dumb, whereas with Maven, I did NOT see that coming. He's evil, and sort of crazy, and yet, I still fell in love with The Shadow Prince, and whatever he does, I'm still going to love him.

2. Mitch - Dumplin': Have you read this book? Because quite honestly, I get Bo's appeal and all "Oh, he's so hot and mysterious" but BO! I mean, good lord! He's sweet and nice and doesn't put any sort of pressure on you and he thinks that dating is stressful - He's SO SO much better. 

3. Alex, Mollie and Veronica - Those Girls (Lauren Saft): Here's what my thoughts about this are: You knew they were going to be bitches, so they might as well be good ones, right? What would be the point of reading a bitchy book that is only halfway bitchy?

4.  Wolf - Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2): I've only ever heard people say OOOH! Thorne! Kai! (Maybe he does something unforgivable later on, but I've only read up to Scarlet, and WOLF! AAH!

5. Darwin - Only Ever Yours: I know he was weak at the end and everything, but in a book as moving as that one, it was all I could do not to fall in love with him. Only Ever Yours is gripping and scarily believable and in that book that called humanity out on it's flaws, I needed a lifeline.


1. Manon Blackbeak - Throne Of Glass: I'm sorry! I know she's badass and passionate and has
magic and has a wyvern, but getting through her POV's have always been a pain, and I just NEED to get back to Aelin. Sorry, Manon fans!

2. Feyre - A Court Of Thorns and Roses: AAAH! I will admit, this is because I was expecting someone as fearless as Aelin, but she was content to just sit around, and wait for things to happen and other people to do things for her. The end
was certainly redeeming, but she was quite sad for 3/4th
the book. I can't wait to see if she grows in ACOMAF though!

3. Kai - Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1): I KNOW his father had just died, and he was a newbie king and Levana is all powerful, but for God's sake! I hoped he'd have a little more spunk, a little less 'Oh, I'm so sad about what has happened to me' and just MAN up.

4. Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games: I apologize. I'm team Gale, through and through!

5. Arin - The Winner's Trilogy: I mean this ONLY in The Winner's Crime!
He was SO SWOONY in Curse, but he started getting to me in book two. I can't even explain why. He just did. I am hoping this series gets it's well deserved brilliant ending, though!

You're welcome to support (and by this I mean Fangirl) or yell at me down in the comments! Please do - I love reading them ALL!

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