A Blogging Extravaganza: An Interview With Myself

This extravaganza is three-week long partay consisting of blog posts that will hopefully do a number of things: get you back into blogging and remind you how fun and creative blogging can be.

Aditi: An interview with myself, WOW. NEVER thought I'd do it.

*Shakes Own Hand Really Awkwardly*

Aditi: Um. What is the point in doing this? Who in the world would waste their time reading something you wrote to yourself?

Aditi: Well, how am I supposed to know? Will you PLEASE ask me normal questions now? For example. What Is Your Name? Who is at the top of your hit list? (Because, you know, I have fun)

Aditi: Fine. Who is at the top of your hit list?

Aditi: I am not at liberty to say. I'm a part of a super secret team that fights crime in Star City. If you know what I mean. *WinkWink*

Aditi: Great. All of your two readers (your mother and you) are SO fascinated. Let's get to stuff more at your level. Where are you from?

Aditi: In the SWELTERING dump that is Chennai, India and I spend my days waiting for it to snow.

Aditi: Great, now people will know you're delusional.

Aditi: I'm sorry, but you're the one who imagines entire conversations with your (fictional) boyfriends in your head.

Aditi: Two responses:

B) LIVES. I IMAGINE LIVES. Who cares about one measly conversation? (PLEASE GET ME ONE. I'LL GIVE YOU MY LEFT HAND. IT'S USEFUL, I SWEAR.)

Aditi: HEY! That's mine too.

Aditi: TOO BAD. Now. Why don't you tell the world how many friends you have?

Aditi: On the internet? LOADS! (I think?)

Aditi: YES HELLO AWESOME INTERNET FRIENDS. But no, I meant people you've physically met.

Aditi: Um, Like two. I might be friendless. BUT I HAVE BOOKS.

Aditi: Good for you. Tell us about your favourite book?


Aditi: Good point. Sorry. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Aditi: When I saw six, my parents took me to Singapore. It was New Year's, and my parents and my aunt had been drinking a bit. They went out to the balcony in our flat for a bit, and at this point I WAS SO UPSET that they hadn't invited me to share ALL THE COLOURFUL JUICES they'd been drinking that I might have finished all of them. WHOOPS.

Aditi: AMAZING. Now, let us summarise:

1) Aditi it BAT SHIT CRAZY
2) She lives in India
3) Aditi does NOT have a favourite book
4) Aditi has two friends
5) Aditi drank a whole lot of alcohol at age six, which is the reason for (1)

ADITI WOULD LOVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU! SAY HELLO! Links to find me other places in the profile above!

Aditi: Get OFF that ridiculous third person now. BYE LOVELY PEOPLE that haven't run away yet. TALK SOON. *Muffled Argument* *Mike Switches Off*

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