Feature and Follow #5 (The One Before Big News Day!)

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Dear J.K.Rowling,

I think all journeys have to begin somewhere. A particular place, a particular time with something particularly spectacular to remember the beginning by. I remember the day I realised I fell in love with Lion King. My dad has just taken me to the mall we frequented every Sunday, and chose a book for me, because I never could. I remember turning and turning the pages and reaching the last one only to start again.

Just like that, I remember each day when I read the Harry Potter books for the first time. The first two I read in my parent's room, reading the last few chapters in such a rush that I experienced my first book hangovers. The third I read on a rainy day with hot chocolate on my balcony. And so on...

The Harry Potter series was the one that lit the light to my dream world, and for that, I Salute you!

(This did NOT come out like I wanted to, please excuse sleep deprived me!)

HELLO EVERYONE WHO BOTHERED TO READ THE LETTER. I'm not usually bad, I swear! , so I'm really hoping you stop by tomorrow!

WELCOME, NEW FRIENDS, TO A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS, And say goodbye to the way it looks as well! Tomorrow, I have TWO PEOPLE I'd love for you to meet and a HUGE NEW BLOG DEVELOPMENT so I'm really hoping you stop by tomorrow!

If you followed me (I prefer Bloglovin) comment, say hi and that you'll check back at this time tomorrow, and I'll follow back!

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