Meet The Authors February: Laurie Devroe, Author Of How To Break A Boy

Hi Guys! And welcome to day three of Meet The Authors.
I just finished up my exams today (well, the practical ones I've yet to begin) but I did finish the theory papers and that's almost all of the work!

Introducing to you, the LOVELY Laurie Devroe, author of the novel How To Break A Boy! An AMAZING YA Contemporary novel, I am SO BEYOND EXCITED for the day I get my hands on this book because it looks FABULOUS.

Laurie is here, giving up some SUPER COOL, Aesthetic Mood Boards based on her BEAUTIFUL book (as well as an amazing giveaway!)
Have fun!




Laurie DevoreLaurie Devore was born and raised in small town South Carolina and graduated from Clemson University. She now lives and works in Chicago, where she misses the charms and contradictions of the south every day. In her spare time, she reluctantly runs marathons, watches too much TV, and works a “y’all” into every conversation.

Find the entire How to Break a Boy Pintrest Board and check out sources at Pinterest
Title: How To Break A Boy 
Author: Laurie Devore
Publication Date: January 31st 2017
Publisher: Imprint (Macmillan)
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
Buy Links: Amazon || Barnes and Noble || Wordery || The Book Depository || Books-A-Million || Google Books || Kobo
Blurb Description: Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer.
Olivia Clayton has mastered the art of tearing others down to stay on top. She and her best friend, Adrienne, rule their small southern town like all good mean girls do--through intimidation and manipulation.
After Olivia suffers a family tragedy and catches Adrienne sleeping with her boyfriend, Olivia is over it. She decides to make a change--but it's impossible to resist taking Adrienne down one last time. Up to her old tricks, Olivia convinces golden boy Whit DuRant to be her SAT tutor and her fake boyfriend. But when it starts to feel real, Whit gets caught up in Olivia and Adrienne's war.
Olivia may ruin everything she touches, but this time she won't go down without a fight--not if it means losing Whit.
And definitely not if it means losing what's left of herself.

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