Top Ten Of The Most UN-Unique Plots I've Read About (Top Ten Tuesday #27)

If you read a LOT, you'll know that there are a LOT OF REPEATED TROPES in the number of books you read. So, while I sat down to DO the most Unique Plots I've ever read, I REALISED I'VE NEVER DONE THE LATTER.

I have so much to say about tropes that MAKE EVERYTHING SO PREDICTABLE and so, I cheated! #shame

While I do LOVE some (okay, most) of these books, parts of them are certainly repetitive.

In life news, I'M STARTING WORKING TOMORROW! My initial plan was to work in a publishing house in New Delhi but even though I got accepted, college changed the dates of my finals and the time period just WASN'T WORKING out. So, I start interning at an Advertising/ Design Agency tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED!
Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)1. Evil Queens *BORED*

I'm sorry, but if there is a QUEEN in the book sitting on the Throne, SHE IS EVIL and has probably killed your mother or your father or both and is trying to kill you because THE VERY FACT THAT YOU BREATHE IS A THREAT TO HER EVIL RULE AND WORLD DOMINATION and you are the rightful heir and WELL, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE, It is your DUTY to usurp the EVILLEST LADY IN ALL THE LAND.

Sound about right?

I'm looking at Levana - The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, and Queen Elara Merandus - Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
2. Evil Trusted Advisor/ Uncle/ Right Hand Man That Betrayed Your Parents? *REALLY? ALWAYS?*
HOW DONE IS THIS ANYWAY? Your Parents were the fairest rulers in all of the land only to be TRAGICALLY killed by your uncle/ their best friend/ right hand man and whom your parents SHOULD have been able to tell was a CLASS A SLIMEBALL but didn't and now it is up to YOU TO SAVE THE WORLD.
Trope mostly founded on Ella Enchanted (the movie) and ALSO Flawed by Cecilia Ahern.
3. Parents That Die In The Prologue?/ ARE NEVER PRESENT

Seven Days of YouHave you ever noticed that MOST Parents in Young Adult Fantasy books NEVER MAKE IT PAST The first FIVE chapters? (or in SOME RARE CASES, die at the end of the first book but were missing throughout anyway?) which leaves the protagonist to RUN AWAY TO SAVE THE WORLD with the dark brooding boy with ALL THE ANSWERS THAT HE JUST WON'T SHARE WITH HER until her does. OH, AND NOT TO MENTION HOW MUCH EASIER THIS MAKES THE LOVE STORY. (The Angel Trilogy by L.A.Weatherly)

While I can UNDERSTAND it in fantasies, MISSING PARENTS IN CONTEMPORARY BOOKS ARE SO MUCH WORSE. Like, HOW?? Your kids are living under the same roof and there are LITERALLY NO RULES. SIGH. (Seven Days of You by Cecile Vinesse)
4. The Awkward AF Girl That Get's THAT COVETED PROM KING 
Image result for the princess diaries book
While I DO LOVE THIS TROPE DONE WELL, there's something really unrealistic about it. I'm THAT AWKWARD HIGH SCHOOL GIRL that has LITERALLY fallen down staircases and has her nose in a book 24x7, and WHILE I'VE BEEN FRIENDS WITH A TON OF THE "PROM KING" TYPE, (really close friends even) and I'm not judging who they date, THEY DON'T REALLY CHANGE FOR THAT ONE OH-SO-SPECIAL AWKWARD GIRL which makes this whole trope kinda strange.

Pointing at any and ALL Meg Cabot books (I LOVE THEM, BUT I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY MICHAEL, If you know what I mean)
Image result for MEAN GIRLS posters5. The MEAN GIRL. (Have we NOT EXHAUSTED THIS ALREADY?)
Some books just CANNOT DO WITHOUT the HORRIBLE QUEEN BEE/ MEAN GIRL who is just out to make everyone's life a living hell and is SO BLOODY IGNORANT about different cultures, body types and sexuality it makes my blood boil.


Also, if you've seen the movie Gay Best Friend, you will be as OVER this trope as I am. (They only manage to insult EVERY PERSON WHO ISN'T WHITE AND A SIZE ZERO.)
6. THE MOTHER FROM HELL (Trope established in 1864)
This Raging LightFrom Mrs. Bennett in Pride in Prejudice to Will's mom in Dumplin'  and ALL THE MOTHERS IN BETWEEN that couldn't give a rat's ass about her kids (This Raging Light by Estelle Laure) and others, WOW IS THIS TROPE USED.
Although, this is one an old trope, I GET IT. So many books are told from girl's points of view, and they struggle with their mother's ideas of who they should be, so I GET THIS TROPE. It SHOULD be represented, and also, had to be mentioned. 
Image result for grey's anatomy7. OH THAT LOVE TRIANGLE
I DO INDULGE in all them love Triangles, I occasionally even love them when they two characters vying for the attention of the Main Character BOTH INTEREST ME, but REALLY? How often does one girl/ boy find herself being chased by two girls/ boys/ a mix of both WHO ARE EQUALLY PERFECT AT THE SAME TIME?
Apparently a lot if the number of books and movies that surround love triangles are any indication. I'm pointing at Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, The Angel Trilogy by L.A.Weatherly, Throne of Glass by SJMaas, The Selection Series by Keira Cass AND MANY MORE.
8. The Fake Best Friend (AKA The Biggest Bit*h In Town)
Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl, #1)I REALLY REALLY HATE THIS TROPE BECAUSE WELL, My best friends have been there for me through EVERYTHING, and I JUST HATE WITH ALL MY HEART, FAKE FRIENDS.
I can't even,
I recently binged Gossip Girl and UGH I HATED THE TOXICITY OF Blair's and Serena's friendship SO MUCH. These girls were not friends. AT ALL.
I also DETEST the "friend" that drops the poor girl to be more popular. REALLY?
Paper Princess (The Royals, #1)9. The DESIGNATED Background Character
I swear, these characters will show up sporadically in the book EXACTLY when the MC needs them and PROMPTLY DISAPPEAR AFTER.
In fact, I hate it SO MUCH when they book goes on, and struggle to remember their names after - Like Ella's "only friend in school" in Paper Princess
EVERY CHARACTER IS IMPORTANT. If they're a best friend/ sister/ they can't make an appearance at the beginning and then at the end of the book. IT DON'T WORK LIKE THAT THANKS.
Blood Rose Rebellion (Blood Rose Rebellion, #1)10. OH YOU SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE
I occasionally ENJOY that One Special Snowflake that will inevitable CAUSE THE WORLD TO CHANGE, but if I don't TRUST/ UNDERSTAND/ LIKE the Special Snowflake tasked with the rebellion or whatever else, it DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE BOOK.

For example, Anna Arden in Blood Rose Rebellion. 
What are some of your Unique Tropes? Do you have some of of the same Un-Unique Tropes as me?
Leave me your links below, I WILL COMMENT BACK TODAY!

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