(Well, it was ten days ago!)

Blogging over the last three years has become SUCH A HUGE part of my life. I swear, more than thinking about completing my coursework or socializing with actual human beings, the online bookish and blogging community is on my mind! It's so refreshing to have people reading even MORE books than me in a month, day or year and it's BRILLIANT that I get to talk about my favourite things from people all over the world.

Another thing I ABSOLUTELY love about being a blogger is the brilliant Authors I've gotten the chance to talk to over the internet - ones that I would have NEVER gotten the chance to speak to otherwise, and I've absolutely loved it.

I'd like to apologize for NOT having such a huge celebration this year (if you were around last year you know that April was filled with 30 AMAZING, AWESOME AUTHORS on the blog to mark my Second Blogaversary, but this year I  unfortunately just didn't have the time because of College Exams and the multiple portfolios and final projects I had to submit over the course of March.

I just wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for reading my blog, commenting, following but more importantly, BEING AMAZING BOOKISH BUDDIES AND WRITERS!

Hopefully I'll restart Meet The Authors this May (but maybe not as I'm going on VACATION) but I promise I'll try my best.

To celebrate (because I couldn't NOT do something for all of you lovelies, I have a Twitter Giveaway running for ANY 2017 YA RELEASE (Open INT) And I've left it below so HAVE FUN! (If for some reason this doesn't work, just click here)

Start up a bookish conversation with me! What are you currently reading?
What's your favourite 2017 read do far?
Where are you from? 
What do you like about my blog? What can I change?
I can't wait to hear from ALL OF YOU! <3

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