Top Ten Reasons Why Rhysand Needs To Be A "REAL" Life Boyfriend ft. Rhysand (Top Ten Tuesday #9)

If you haven't read my review of A Court of Mist and Fury, or seen me on Twitter going completely mental with Sierra Abrams (@yearningtoread) and Rhea D'Souza (@Rhea_Dsouza_) , which is more accurately summed up in Rhea's review here, or seen my MANY MANY Snapchat and Instagram posts, you should know that


A COURT OF MIST AND FURY IS SOMETHING THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT (Think read it thrice, continuously, kept it beside me at all times in case the NEED hit me again, and put myself to sleep re-reading an amazing, badass scene that only Queen Maas can pull off.

Alright, so, MY TOP TEN REASONS WHY IT'S UNFAIR THAT WE DON'T GET TO HAVE RHYSAND EXCEPT IN BOOKS. (also, spoilers for you crazy folks that haven't read ACOMAF)

DISCLAIMER: All of this fan art is NOT my own, and a HUGE round of applause (and credit) to these artistes.
1. Rhysand Is A Bad Boy:
I have a THING for bad boys, okay. Well, fictional ones. The real ones just make me roll my eyes in disgust, but BOOKISH BAD BOYS ARE LIFE. And he's not JUST a bad boy, he's a bad boy with ink blue-black hair, POWER, EMOTIONS and most of all, a SOUL.

Someone please gift me one of these.

2. Rhysand Is A Dreamer:
There. That Quote SHATTERED MY LIFE.

Rhys, the most powerful High Lord in Prythian, wants High Fae and Lesser Fae to be treated equally, and for everyone to just live peacefully and for him to live his life without the stupid arrogant nobility and HE WILL KILL ANYONE THAT HARMS THE PEOPLE HE CARES ABOUT.

3. Rhysand Is A Feminist:
I swear, HE IS. Both his Second and Third in command and BADASS females, he doesn't believe in the positively Victorian ideal that women need to be "protected" but instead that they are EQUALS and deserve to be treated like that.

#TamlinSaidNoHighLadies #RhysRulesAll

HE IS THE MOST POWERFUL HIGH LORD EVER. He can break into minds, control them, chain them up or even free them. RHYS IS WONDERFUL.

Not to mention, he is DARKNESS. There is this line:
"The room exploded in darkness." ALL THE FEELS.

5. Rhysand CARES:
Rhys cares about the people, he cares about happiness, he cares about the humans, who everyone else would right off in a matter of seconds, he cares about peace and happiness and EVERYTHING.

There is nothing sexier than a bad boy that cares. And is Rhys.

6. Rhysand and the Inner Circle:
Rhy's family is FUCKING AWESOME. I loved the banter, the informality, and the fact that THEY CARED SO DEEPLY ABOUT EACH OTHER (even while leveling towns in grudge matched against each other and having power battles)

Mor and Azriel and Cassian and Amren and Rhys together are AWESOME, and I'm dying to get more of them. SO SO PERFECT.

7. Rhysand and Velaris:
When I heard my poor baby's REAL reasons for staying with Amarantha for 50 years and being her whore, just so that he could keep his precious, beautiful city and all the people he loves safe, MY ICE COLD HEART MELTED. *cue bucketloads of tears*

8. Rhysand Is SEXY AS FUCK:
If you don't find him sexy, you're not alive. HE IS. LOOK AT THE FAN ART.

Rhys is the most handsome/ delightful/ cunning High Lord Ever:
I was smiling/ laughing/ crying (yes, the end product did not look very appealing) when I went back and read these parts. HE IS THE MOST HANDSOME, DELIGHTFUL, CUNNING, GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL High Lord EVER.

10. Rhysand and Feyre:
MUST I EVEN? I loved EVERYTHING about these two. Their friendship was amazing, their constant teasing, their story at the end, the chemistry, the notes, the sex, the power, the admiration, the love. OH, THE LOVE.

They are my OTP. GOD SAVE MY SOUL.


Who is the swooniest book boyfriend/ girlfriend you've ever read about? What would you do to get them Off The Pages and Into The Real World?

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