Top Ten 2016 Releases That I Ate Up (Top Ten Tuesday #8)

2016 has been an AMAZING bookish year. I've read SEVENTY FOUR BOOKS so far! YAY! And there have been SO many greats and that just makes it a whole lot harder to choose from!

Life Update: College starts this Thursday, and I'm SO nervous! I've been in the same school for seventeen years and going to a whole new place seems daunting (especially since I have to climb FIVE FLOORS everyday) but I've met some pretty great people from there already, so I'm not as nervous as I would have been.

Anyway,  Here we go:
God Save my soul. Or Rhys. It doesn't matter - this book BLEW ME AWAY. I didn't even like book one, but since these were Queen Maas books, I had to try it, AND I'M SO GLAD I DID.

This is one book that I can officially call my favourite. More here.

2. Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton: 
This was badass and swoony and filled with magic and guns and power. Did I also say that I'm in love with the guy. And the girl. A detailed explanation about said guy and girl in my review.

3. Warrior Witch by Danielle Jensen:
This ending BROKE my heart. I was actually on a mini vacation with my friends when I read this book, and I burst into tears in the middle of some movie we were watching, which was actually really funny and they pretty much thought I'd gone bonkers.

I also might have spent the rest of the day going "But... but... but..."

Yes, only slightly insane. You can read my rant here.
4. Whisper to Me by Nick Lake:
I requested this from Bloomsbury, and it, apart from the pretty cover to stare at whenever I fancy, IS AMAZING. This had murder, friendship, family, healing and most of all, Mental Disorders handled in THE. BEST. WAY. POSSIBLE.

Review, if you're interested, here.

5. The Girl Who Fell by Shannon Parker:
THIS BOOK HAD THE ABILITY TO MAKE ME UNDERSTAND ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS, OKAY? I'm a feminist and I used to be a judge-y person ONLY when it came to peers that would stay in these seriously TOXIC relationships, and Shannon Parker's beautiful writing made me understand what it might be like, and how hard it would be to get out.

BEAUTIFUL. More praises here

6. Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate:
There was something about this book, that somewhere in the middle, I looked up, and I realized that I had just FELL IN LOVE. It was beautiful, simple, and the perfect read. Review here.

I loved all the relationships, the people, EVERYTHING.

7. The Graces by Laure Eve:

I just JUST read this book, but it BLEW ME AWAY. That ending, the feeling that someone else is better than you, the magic, the Graces themselves. This was a perfectly addicting book, and you can read my ARC review here to learn more.

8. The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin
Um, BEST FRIEND ROMANCE ANYONE? Especially ex-best friends that had a relationship and something happened all wrapped up in the gorgeous blue cover, I LOVED it all. Including the angst.

More here

9. Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake:
This contemporary took me entirely by surprise, because I wasn't expecting to love San and Hadley's story as much as I did, but it happened, and here it is, on my favourites list!

Review here.
10. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard:

I COMPLETELY forgot about this one while I made my initial list because I read it all the way back in December and I don't consider it a 2016 read!! This gave me the worst hangover EVER, that I even dreamed out my own rebellion the night after I finished it.

It was AMAZING. More about my crazy dreams here.

What are you BEST 2016 reads? Are any of mine on your lists?
Link me up, because I can't WAIT to see when you've loved so far!

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