ARC REVIEW: Along The Indigo by Elise Chapman

Title: Along The Indigo
Author: Elise Chapman
Publication Date: March 20th 2018
Publisher: Amulet Books
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone
I Got A Copy Through: Abrams and Chronicle International (THANK YOU!)
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Blurb Description: The town of Glory is famous for two things: businesses that front for seedy, if not illegal, enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River. Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed-and-breakfast” where her mother works as a prostitute—and where her own fate has been decided—and she wants to give her little sister a better life. But escape means money, which leads Mars to skimming the bodies that show up along the Indigo River. It’s there that she runs into Jude, who has secrets of his own and whose brother’s suicide may be linked to Mars’s own sordid family history. As they grow closer, the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward . . . or chain them to the Indigo forever.

Actual Rating: 2.5 Stars

I AM HONESTLY SO CONFUSED ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT HAD SO MANY DIFFERENT and CONFLICTING elements and I’m still unsure as to whether I even liked it or not.

Along The Indigo contained:

-          A brothel where the MC’s mother “works”
-          A “covert” (literally never heard this word in my life before this book) (but let’s just call it a creepy garden where people come to commit suicide)
-          Suicide
-          Skimming money off of dead bodies?
-          Lots of dead bodies/ suicide? (Okay, two, really, but there was TALKING about a lot more)
-          Talking to the dead/ ghosts
-          Chocolate chip waffles?

YEAH, IT WAS HIGHLY CONFUSING AND A MIX OF A LOT OF THINGS. I put the book down twice and picked it up again, because I didn’t not like it but it was just TOO MUCH CREEPINESS AND VERY CONFUSING?

For example, the MC’s (=main character’s, if you didn’t know) mother (whose name was SHINE?! WHAT?!) ENCOURAGED HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER TO GET INTO THE “PROFESSION” and was also totally ready for her NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO EVENTUALLY SELL HER BODY? Like how is this okay? I PRETTY MUCH FASTFORWARDED EVERY TIME “SHINE” CAME INTO THE BOOK because WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU?

I did like Jude and Marsden’s relationship, and the way they got along with each other. I also really liked Marsden’s little sister, Wynn – she was all kinds of adorable.

ANOTHER THING I JUST DID NOT UNDERSTAND WAS AFTER ALL THE TALK OF HATING GLORY and STEALING MONEY OFF OF DEAD BODIES to get her and her sister out, Marsden, with thousands of dollars in hand… didn’t? It made ZERO SENSE TO ME, and I honestly wish it wasn’t because of a boy that she stayed in a town that ostracized her completely because of her mother’s profession. If the entire reasoning behind the book was to get her sister OUT of the town, WHY WAS SHE STILL THERE?

I guess I didn’t like the book too much – it didn’t make MUCH sense to me and at the same time, I’ve NEVER read anything like it before?

I wouldn’t say DON’T read it, I’d just say it’s not my favourite thing in the world and I won’t be picking it up a second time. 2.5 stars.

Elsie Chapman, YA Author
Born and raised in western Canada and a graduate of UBC with a degree in English Literature, Elsie Chapman currently lives in Tokyo with her family. She writes books for kids and teens. 

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