Top Ten Books To Read if Your Book Club Like Super Discussable YA (TTT #16)

HI TOP TEN TUESDAY-ERS! Man, it has been FOREVER since I sat down (okay, stood up) walked out of my bed (and comforter that have totally excepted me as their own #BedPotatoLifestyle) and stared at the bookshelf, trying to make a Top Ten List because IT IS JUST SO HARD to pick only ten books of ANYTHING.

I don't actually have a book club (NOBODY AT ALL IRL can keep up to my #AWESOME Book Reading Skills. #TrueFact) but, if I did here is my (attempt) at a list that I would LOVE LOVE to analyze with them (analyze = fangirl/ hyperventilate/ nothing remotely formal or sane)

What is Top Ten Tuesday? It's a meme hosted every Tuesday by the awesome ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish to TEST YOUR BOOK-DRAGON MIGHT (!) (Kidding. I'm Kidding.) So. here goes.

1. Asking For It by Louise O'Neill
A truly riveting book on what it is to be a Rape victim in a world that tells girls who dress "provocatively" that they're "Asking For It" instead of telling the boys who commit those atrocious, inhumane acts not to.

A real situation, a real reaction, because most victims find it easier to bury what happened to them rather than face the consequences.

This book will leave you all kinds of MAD and trust me, you will WANT to discuss (yell about) this with someone.
2. Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland
While I expected this book to be a fluffy romance that was good for a one-time read, it SHOCKED me. I finished this book last Saturday, and it was BEAUTIFUL - the story, the words and the characters.

A Brutally honest book on what it means to fall in love, to stay in love, to be loved and to love when you're not loved back as much. It is truly wonderful. My review will be up tomorrow!

3. The Girl Who Fell by Shannon Parker
One of the perfect books that BEAUTIFULLY describe what it's like to be in a toxic, but not abusive relationship, and one that REALLY makes you understand what it's like to be the person "Changing" as everyone on the outside calls them.

A BEAUTIFUL and even extremely cute book for your book club to read and then discuss, because what is more important than being in the right relationships?
4. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
One of the first books I ever reviewed as a reviewer, and one of my FIRST YA books in general, This Lullaby is a SERIOUSLY SPECIAL book to me and is also an AWESOME book on standing up to your friends in harsh high school life, seeing that everything about a person is NOT rumours and what they look like and is also about dealing with unwanted sexual advances.

Combine it with a beautiful love story and a beautiful family and characters, this is another book you should be reading and discussing!
5. Whisper To Me by Nick Lake
Fair Warning, that while this ending might make you want to SCREAM, this is a BEAUTIFULLY HANDLED book on mental illness and dealing with the very real voices in your head.

The narration, the story line and the characters are BEAUTIFUL as well, and I CANNOT STRESS on how WELL mental illness and trauma is handled in this book. (Also, there's MURDER and crime solving and ROMANCE if you're interested)

6. Breaking Butterflies by M. Anjelais
A BOOK ON CHILDHOOD FRIENDS that are also sociopaths.

This is one SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED book because it has the power to leave you lying on the floor, questioning all you knew about the people around you. I CANNOT describe what this book is like in this short description, but you should read my review and interview with the author.  SERIOUSLY. YOU NEED TO READ AND DISCUSS THIS BOOK.
7. Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton
A Cut-Throat, Edgy and Backstabbing book set in New York city in the world of competitive ballet. The first in a duology, this is told from the viewpoint of three different girls competing for the lead roles in ballets as well as the one coveted position in the American Ballet Company.

Even if you don't like Ballet, it would be AWESOME to talk about this graceful masterpiece.
8. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
I picked this up after reading another book by the author, and it was BEAUTIFUL. Based on a taboo relationship between a brother and a sister that fell in love, this book will BREAK your heart after convincing you that love in its purest form is something you can never fault.

A GORGEOUSLY handled book on teen love, incest, growing up, sacrifice and family.
9. Warrior Witch by Danielle Jensen
The last book in the YA Fantasy Malediction Trilogy, Warrior Witch will KILL YOU. A book that you will NEED to discuss with your book club purely for all the heartbreak and #feels that you will be feeling at the end of it.

While you're at it, if you're into discussing SWOONY PRINCES and BEAUTIFUL PLOTS, you should pick up this series for your book club!
10. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas
Not a book about mental illness but a book YOU WILL NEED A BOOK CLUB TO DISCUSS WITH (because you will be broken and re-made and broken because you will be falling in love and hate and FEELING ALL THE THINGS.)

Also, no, I've NEVER made any sense while talking about this book, because it is my FAVOURITE of all time. I even had an ACTUAL spur-of-the-moment, because we NEEDED it so damn much book club with Rhea D'Souza and Sierra Abrams.

What would you recommend as SUPER DISCUSSABLE YA for a book club? Have you read and LOVED any of these? Do you want to discuss (FANGIRL) about them with me? - My comments are ALWAYS open!

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