Seriously Intriguing // Hungry by Andrea Philips (ReMads Season 1 Episode 2) + GIVEAWAY!

Title: Hungry (ReMade Season 1 Episode 2)
Author: Andrea Philips
Publication Date: September 21st 2016
Publisher: Serial Box Publishing
Part of a Series?: Yes, Episode 2/15 of ReMade Season 1
I Got A Copy Through: The Publisher (THANK YOU!)
Buy Links: Episodes are available in text and audio and can be enjoyed through the Serial Box App, at, or wherever eBooks are sold.
Blurb Description:You live. You love. You die. Now RUN.
Every minute, 108 people die. On October 14th, 2016, from 9:31-9:32 p.m. EDT, 23 of those deaths will be teenagers. Now they are humanity’s last hope for survival. Awakened in a world they barely recognize and hunted by mechanical horrors, these teens search for answers amidst the ruins of civilization. Fate, love, and loyalty face off in this adrenaline -pumping YA adventure.    Team-written by some of today’s most popular YA authors, ReMade is brought to you by Matthew Cody (Super), Andrea Phillips (Revision), Kiersten White (And I Darken), Gwenda Bond (Girl on a Wire), Carrie Harris (Bad Taste in Boys), and E. C. Myers (The Silence of Six).
May likes being in control: with an obsessive drive to succeed and her aim set on Harvard, she knows how to keep her life on course. Plucked from her whirlwind of tests and achievement charts, and dropped into a world where civilization itself has crumbled, she wants more than just answers. But living with deadly allergies means you’re always on the razor edge – one peanut, one bee sting, one toe out of line could be your downfall, and nobody wants to die twice.
This episode written by Andrea Phillips. 
 Season One will unfold across 15 episodes beginning September 14th, with a new installment dropping every Wednesday until the season finale on December 21st. Jump into this digital serial, available in both text and audio, and find out what the future of fiction holds.

Before you start this review, you should download you FREE copy of Book One in this AWESOME season here.

Or, you can read my review of Episode 1, Shadows and Dreams, written by Matthew Cody here.

While I wasn’t entirely sold on this series after episode 1, this pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Hungry, the second episode in the first season of ReMade introduces you to other characters that were already on Earth as Holden and Seyah make their way down in the space pod.

All around them, people were woken up from dreams of pain and torture, were found by a hairy caretaker, Umta, and then thrown into a pod that needed human activation, only to realize that they were in SPACE and making their way down to earth.

But is it even Earth at all?

And the last thing everyone remembers from their normal lives is dying.

Armed with basically no knowledge about where they are or how they got here, the teenagers need to learn to survive in an environment where they know nothing.

Hungry is a lot more fast paced, and even more adrenaline filled than Shadows and Dreams, mostly because it is putting a few things together, all while introducing you to a whole new set of interesting characters, and sets the pace up for the next thirteen episodes.

Told in over-achiever May’s viewpoint, we find out a little about what the “caretakers” did to the characters up there, and also receive a backstory of who May was, before she was ReMade.
The entire episode felt very Maze-Runner like and I LOVED IT.

So, for any dystopian fan looking for something new, you should check ReMade out!

4.5 stars!

 ReMade is a serial presented episodically in 15 parts by Serial Box Publishing.

In one moment the lives of twenty-three teenagers are forever changed, and it’s not just because they all happen to die.  Remade in a world they barely recognize – one with robots, space elevators, and unchecked jungle – they must work together to solve the mystery and stay alive. They came from different places, backgrounds, and families, and now they are our only hope. Lost meets The Maze Runner in this thrilling serial that combines contemporary YA with classic Science Fiction to fling you headfirst into adventure.
Andrea Phillips is a transmedia writer, game designer and author. She is on the writing team for season 2 of the urban fantasy serial Bookburners as well as ReMade. Her debut novel is Revision, an SF thriller about a wiki where your edits come true. She has also worked on iOS fitness games Zombies, Run! and The Walk; The Maester's Path for HBO's Game of Thrones; human rights game America 2049; and the independent commercial ARG Perplex City. She also writes an ongoing column about video games called Metagames for Strange Horizons. Her nonfiction book A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling is used to teach digital storytelling at universities around the world.
Serial Box produces and publishes fiction serials, blending story production and distribution practices from television, book publishing and narrative podcasting. These team-written original serials span a range of genres including sci fi / fantasy, espionage, contemporary and historical drama, post-apocalyptic, etc. Serial Box delivers episodes to fans’ digital devices every Wednesday over the course of 13-16 week seasons. Each episode is available in ebook and audio and takes about 40 minutes to enjoy. Learn more at Serial Follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and our blog
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Have you heard of Serial Box Publishing? What do you think of Episode Books, and would you read them? 
What do you think of ReMade? 
I think this is all SO COOL, and I'm dying for more!

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