Blog Tour: Wild by Alex Mallory

Author: Alex Mallory
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Synopsis: The forest is full of secrets, and no one understands that better than Cade. Foraging, hunting, surviving— that’s all he knows. Alone for years, Cade believes he’s the sole survivor. At least, until he catches a glimpse of a beautiful stranger…

Dara expected to find natural wonders when she set off for a spring break camping trip. Instead, she discovers a primitive boy— he’s stealthy and handsome and he might be following her. Intrigued, Dara seeks him out and sets a catastrophe in motion.

Thrust back into society, Cade struggles with the realization that the life he knew was a lie. But he’s not the only one. Trying to explain life in a normal town leaves Dara questioning it.

As the media swarm and the police close in, Dara and Cade risk everything to get closer. But will the truth about Cade’s past tear them apart? A YA Tarzan retelling.



Alex Mallory is a pen name for YA author Saundra Mitchell. She’s a big fan of reading, history, camping and competitive M&M sorting.
She once crossed a dilapidated train trestle in the middle of the night, 200 feet above the Wabash River, in a futile attempt to prove her love to someone who had no idea she existed.
1) She lived to tell about it. 2) It didn’t work. 3) She doesn’t recommend it.


We’ll all heard of Tarzan, right? Or seen the movie at the very least? Now, how about a retelling? A boy that grew up in the forest (National Boone Park) believing that most other human beings were killed in a pandemic. A girl looking for something but quite can’t place her finger on. And you know the story of Tarzan from there, right?

The book was intriguing. It had a subtle thing going for it- like the wording didn’t have to be much but the storyline made up for it! All the characters were pretty well balanced. Dara was quite fun: Looking at the small things in life, and even mushrooms, rather than the plain old and boring big picture.
Cade, however was BRILLIANT! It was so honest, so pure- his understanding of civilisation, that is. His fascination with escalators, automatic doors, sea food from markets and even tablest. Let me show you how- when asked if he knew what a cell phone was, this was his reply:

“It plays music in your bag, and you cuss it until it stops. Then you hold it in front of your face and talk to yourself!”  *Quotes subject to my ARC*

Wild was a fun book- one spot on with its synopsis! The ending was really good, too- the most realistic one it could be!

My Verdict:

A Book I will definitely be recommending!

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