BLOG TOUR: The Naughty List by L. A. Kelley- Review, Interview & Giveaway

Author: L. A. Kelley
Publication Date: October 25th 2013
Blurb Description: Not your mama’s yuletide tale unless she drank too much egg nog or was born with a cheeky sense of humor.

Murder, mystical artifacts, an invisible demon with anger management issues, and an overbearing cupid—not what Rosalie Thatcher wished for on her Christmas list.

The holidays had always been a magical time for Rosalie, but not this year. Stephanie, her new manager at Penrose’s Department Store, is determined to make this season the most profitable in the store’s history, even if it sucks the life out of every employee. Introducing arbitrary rules and stealing the affections of Anthony, the cute temp Santa, were bad enough, but forcing Rosalie into the stupid elf hat was the worst. The worst, that is, until she meets a real E.L.F. (Elemental Life Form) named David and gets lassoed into a desperate hunt for the stolenNaughty and Nice List. Rosalie and David must dodge a murderous invisible demon and recover the missing artifact before hellhounds track them down. The couple race against time for without the magical guidance of the Naughty and Nice List, the world will tumble toward eternal chaos.


L. A. Kelley is married with three children and lives in Florida where the heat and humidity have driven everyone slightly mad. She writers fantasies with adventure, romance, humor, and a touch of sass. She never cleans under her sofa. In her spare time she reports Big Foot sightings to the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are heartily sick of hearing from her.


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How does it feel- to actually have your book out there, for everyone to read?
I read a newspaper account once about a man who was lost at sea and then finally rescued after nearly sixty days. Imagine the joy he felt at that first sight of land. Being published feels twice as good without being sunburned or waterlogged.

2. Your inspiration to write The Naughty List:

            A few years back I was in Barnes & Noble during the holiday season. All the cashiers and stock workers wore oversized, jingly Santa hats. Frankly, they looked ridiculous. When I got to the cashier to pay for my purchase I asked if the managers had to wear them, too. She leaned over the counter and whispered harshly, “Of course not. It was their idea.” The idea was born for a story about a harried clerk during the Christmas rush who unexpectedly discovers a little holiday magic.

Santa had to be included, but I didn’t want to go the traditional route. I decided to update the character and add figures from other mythologies and religions. It was fun trying to imagine how ancient beings would adapt to a modern world.

3. Tell us a little about how you got published:

I’ve been writing all my life, but never had the nerve to submit anything. Several people encouraged me to suck it up and send my work out into the world. After a lot of rejection I was finally published with a company called Wild Rose Press. I’ve never looked back.

4. Talk to us a little about your main characters

The most interesting characters to me are normal people dumped into abnormal situations who end up finding strength they never suspected. Rosalie is hardworking, sensible, and kind. All those factors come into play when she discovers a hidden world of supernatural beings and one particular E.L.F. who desperately needs her help. Rosalie has never thought of herself as courageous and yet she jumps into this wild adventure, willing to risk her life in order to protect the people she cares about.  

David accepted the heavy burden of a family responsibility. When mistakes occur he shoulders the blame without excuses and is willing to put his life on the line to make it right. David is brave and loyal with a dogged determination to get at the truth. Although he doesn’t know it yet, he has the makings of a great leader for his people. 

Neither David nor Rosalie has been lucky finding love. Perhaps with a little holiday magic, love will find them instead.

5. Do an acronym for The Naughty List (one adjective for each letter)

T Tinselly H Heartfelt E Enchanting

N Naughty or Nice. Take your pick. A Amusing U Unusual G Gripping H Humorous T Tender Y Yuletide

L Lively I  Irreverent S Sassy T Thrilling

Okay, you got me going now…
The Hero Elf Needs An Uninhibited Guide. Hearts Triumph, Yet Love Is Squarely Tested.

6. What is your opinion on negative reviews?

It depends on how the review was written. Having intelligent feedback is helpful. No writer wakes up one day and says, “I think I’ll write a lousy story.” A careful critique can gently point out weaknesses in character and plot and help a writer improve her craft.

 Harsh reviews that offer no constructive feedback are painful.  It’s as if a stranger stopped me on the street to say I had an ugly baby. I accept everyone has a right to their opinion, but rather wish they’d kept that particular one to themselves.


The Naughty List is an extremely cute, one of a kind Christmas Read!

Going in, I truly didn't know what to expect- I haven't read much of the Christmas Genre, or anything like this, but I was intrigued by the synopsis- and the book itself was absolutely spellbinding- I found it EXTREMELY hard to put down.

While the characters- Rosalie and David- were really good, my favorite part was how the author managed to mix parts from all genres- Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fairy Tales- AND include all the traditional characters from christmas legends.

My only drawback was that I couldn't imagine what the characters looked like due to the lack of detailed descriptions.

All in all, a book I will DEFINITELY be reading again!

BLOG TOUR: Transformed by E.V. Fairfall

Author: E.V. Fairfall 
Publication Date: January 1st 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Synopsis: Thea, all-mighty Mother Earth, only had one rule to follow above all else, one promise to keep to her brother: never take a human form. She would’ve kept that promise if it weren’t for Brice. He’s handsome and confident, but above all he’s merciless.
He’s also a hunter who has tormented Thea for years. She believes if she could teach Brice compassion, she might finally be able to save her creations and herself from his savage ways. Then she meets Chamber: another hunter.
She soon finds herself fascinated by−and torn between−the two boys: Brice and Chamber. Lost within a torrent of human emotions, Thea starts to lose who she is as she falls in love with the one thing that she’s always hated: a hunter… a human.

Purchase (on sale for 1.99$ during the tour!):  Amazon *** Barnes & Noble

I love to write just as much as I love to read. I try to read a book per week, which doesn’t always work out, but it’s the thought that counts. Aside from all that I am a huge animal person.

Transformed is my first novel, but it isn’t my first publication; I’ve had several short stories published over the last two years. My main goal as a writer is to explore humanity and to give people something fun to read.

Author links: Website *** Facebook *** Twitter *** Goodreads



Transformed, to put it in one word, is a unique book. It's DEFINITELY not what I expected, and that's not bad at all- I LOVE being suprised!

Transformed has an extremely unique take on the Earth- as you learn bit by bit, tantalizingly slowly. It's SO different from the Seven Day Theory (God snapped his fingers and there was light- no offence to anyone, I'm just calling it as I see it) and shows us that even the Immortal have trouble with things- like the hundreds of years it took Thea and her brother to come up with the perfect egg!

Bryce, well, I though he would be nice, but he was just a creep- and I liked it SO much better that way, honestly! The bad boy, after all, isn't always Travis Maddox!

Anyway, all I can say (without spoiling anything) is that if you're looking for something different, Transformed should definitely be at the top of your list! 

BLOG TOUR: Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny

Author: Alisha Sevigny
Publication Date: 11/18/14
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Blurb Description:  Popular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret: she used to be a nerd — a big one; a goody two-shoes, grade-skipping, all-state spelling bee champ. But she lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to studying and imitating the social elite.

 Now she rules the school from the upper echelon of the high school realm. With her cool new friends and hottest-guy-in-school boyfriend, life’s a beach — and that’s where she’s headed for Spring Break. That is, until her teacher breaks the bad news that she’s failing Biology — and her only chance to make up the grade is to throw away the culminating trip of her hard-earned popularity and join the Conservation Club in Panama to save the Golden Frog.

Unable to let go of her faded college dreams, Jess finds herself in a foreign country with a new social crew, and one handsome face that stands out as a blast from the past, threatening to ruin her queen bee reputation. Travis Henley may have grown up, but he still likes to play childish games and as payment for retrieving Jess’ lost ring from the bottom of a jungle pool, he wants three dates. While Jess does battle with spiders, snakes, wildfires and smart mean girls, she desperately tries to hang on to the last vestiges of her popular existence like the Golden Frog from its webbed toe. But as she starts to care about something more than tanning and texting – a species on the verge of disappearing forever – she may realize the worth of her inner nerd, and the one frog in particular that could be her prince in disguise.

Set in the lush and tropical El Valle de Anton, this modern fairytale re-imagining of “The Frog Prince” is toe-curling contemporary romance with an environmentalist heartbeat, in the tradition of Stephanie Perkins.

Add to Goodreads Buy Links: Amazon

About the Author
Alisha Sevigny holds a degree in Sociology and Professional Writing from the University of Victoria, is a film school graduate, former literary agent and current Social Media and Communications Director for an award-winning English school. A shameless romantic, Alisha and her husband have travelled the world together. On a recent trip to Panama with their new daughter, Alisha fell in love with the country, culture, and their national emblem, the Golden Frog. She was inspired to write her first Young Adult novel, Kissing Frogs. Born and raised in Kitimat, British Columbia, Alisha has always had a strong connection to the environment and conservationist spirit. She now lives in Toronto with her family.


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I would consider The Princess and The Frog to be my third favorite childhood tale. The first being The Lion King, and the second being Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

So, when I was a YA book based on this, I got SUPER excited!

Kissing Frogs was exactly what I expected it to be- a SUPER cute contemporary romance about finding yourself, with a twist! Just, you know, the usual YA book;)

I LOVED Travis- he is the CUTEST boy ever! I've always loved Meg Cabot's How To Be Popular storyline and this fit the bill!

For all the fans of the genre, this is a must read:)

BLOG TOUR: The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy #1) by Amy Engel

Author: Amy Engel 
Publication Date: 11/04/14
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Blurb Description: After a brutal nuclear war, the United States was left decimated. A small group of survivors eventually banded together, but only after more conflict over which family would govern the new nation. The Westfalls lost. Fifty years later, peace and control are maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning group in a yearly ritual.

This year, it is my turn.

My name is Ivy Westfall, and my mission is simple: to kill the president’s son—my soon-to-be husband—and restore the Westfall family to power.

But Bishop Lattimer is either a very skilled actor or he’s not the cruel, heartless boy my family warned me to expect. He might even be the one person in this world who truly understands me. But there is no escape from my fate. I am the only one who can restore the Westfall legacy.

Because Bishop must die. And I must be the one to kill him

About the Author
 Amy Engel was born in Kansas and after a childhood spent bouncing between countries (Iran, Taiwan) and states (Kansas; California; Missouri; Washington, D.C.), she settled in Kansas City, Missouri, where she lives with her husband and two kids.  Before devoting herself full-time to motherhood and writing, she was a criminal defense attorney, which is not quite as exciting as it looks on TV.  When she has a free moment, she can usually be found reading, running, or shoe shopping. The Book of Ivy is her debut YA novel. Find her online at or @aengelwrites.

Author Links: WebsiteGoodreadsTwitter

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The Book of Ivy is, simply put, a BRILLIANT book! There is something so amazing in its simplicity of characters, that it shows you amazing depth, something so different about the whole situation, yet so familiar, and something so out of this world that you will NOT believe that cliff hanger ending when you reach it!

Ivy Westfall has a mission. To kill her husband, so that she can avenge her mother's death and so that her family can finally some into power. It's all she's taught- that her husband's family are the evil ones- taking away all freedom from the people to create a monarchy so strong, that people will be too scared to rise up against them.

And yet, even thought Ivy knows what she has to do, Bishop is not the boy she expected him to be. Not an abusive prick, but someone who wants to get to know her, without pressurizing her, and in Ivy's world, that's about all anyone dreams of.

I really can't say more, except- READ IT!

Blog Tour: The Next Breath by Laurel Osterkamp- Review & Giveaway

Welcome to my tour stop for The Next Breath by Laurel Osterkamp. This is an adult contemporary and the tour runs November 17-28th with reviews, interviews & guest posts. Check out the tour schedule for all the posts.

About the Book:

nextbreath-osterkamp-ebookThe Next Breath
Author: Laurel Osterkamp

Blurb Description: I kiss him, choosing love over honesty, which is a choice nobody should ever have to make…"

Robin loves sweet, responsible Nick, with his penchant for Beethoven and Ben Folds Five. But she also still loves her college boyfriend Jed, an irreverent playwright plagued with cystic fibrosis. Now Robin is struggling to reveal her secrets and confront her past, as she finally performs in the play that Jed wrote for her, eleven years ago. Will Robin have the strength to keep her promise and stay true to her heart?

Alternating between present-day scenes, college flashbacks, and segments from Jed’s play, this tear-jerking yet uplifting tale illustrates how life is finite but love is infinite, and the road to recovery begins with the next breath.

 Goodreads | Amazon

About the Author:
LAO_2Laurel Osterkamp becomes very attached to her characters, and it’s hard for her to stop writing about them.  The Holdout, November Surprise, Blue State, Campaign Promises, American Angst and The Next Breath all feature the Bricker family, as their stories continue. (But you can read any of these books in any order.)

You can find Laurel on Twitter but she needs to work on sending clever Tweets. A better idea is to follow her blog at

Laurel teaches in Minneapolis, MN, where she tries to stay warm, spend time with her two nearly perfect children and husband, and find the time to write.  Her other novels are Following My Toes and Starring in the Movie of My Life. Visit her at


$25 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
Ends December 3rd, 2014

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"We're sharing this blandly remarkable moment, and I'm already feeling nostalgic, because life, unlike love, is finite."

There are some books, that you just don't think you will fall in love with, but sometimes you do. There are others that you blatantly dislike, but the Next Breath was neither. From the very first words on, I knew (and I was right) that this would be a book that would haunt me for some time to come.

There was SO much about it- the honesty and simplicity that each character had- How Robin was so confused about Jed and Nick, in her dreams, and both of the boys themselves!

For the life of me, I can't explain what this book means to me. I've had friends deal with life threatening diseases, and I would go all emo on you. But here is what I can do!

"I want you to have a lifetime full of 'best things' that have ever happened. Promise me, and that will be the last thing I ask for."

"I love you." My words were a Band-Aid when I wanted them to be a cure.

No explanations, no qualifications. He just wanted me there. And somehow I knew: it was the beginning of the end.

We stumbled towards the cafeteria, tripping over each other because we refused to let go.

But soul mates don't come easy, especially not for good girls.

"What exists in fiction exists in reality, even if the concepts were born from some author's head."

Flury: Journey of a Snowman By Tony Bertauski

We're celebrating the RELEASE of
Flury: Journey of a Snowman
By Tony Bertauski

An Introduction to Flury

     Frosty had a magic hat.

     There was no explanation, just a special hat that turned a pile of snow into a walking, talking best friend. Flury is more than that. And doesn’t smoke.

     Born on the North Pole, Flury was created by an ancient race of elven that evolved during the Ice Age and continues to live in the polar ice today. Technologically advanced, they sustain themselves with innovation and wisdom. But even the most peaceful settlements encounter danger, such as polar bears. That’s why they invented abominables.

     What we call snowmen.

     The life of an abominable doesn’t magically spring from a top hat. The heart of an abominable is a metal orb—an intricately carved sphere that generates an electromagnetic field and builds a body of snow around it. Abominables are intimidating and selfless. They run, they fly. Above all else, they protect.

     In the late 1800s, Malcolm Toye was part of an arctic voyage that ended in disaster. The survivors of the expedition never saw him again. Malcolm had wandered into the snowy landscape to be saved by a patrolling abominable he would come to know as Flury.

     His rescue, however, became more of a curse than a blessing when the elven refused to allow him safe passage back home, insisting they remain secret from humanity. Malcolm was destined to live out his days among the elven, pining for home.

     Longing for his wife.

     Malcolm escaped by stealing the metal orb of Flury. Quietly, he arrived back in the United States to settle down and resume a normal life. But there was nothing normal about it. As the years went by, his estate becomes shrouded in mystery and rumors.

     A hundred years will go by before the mystery is solved.

     Oliver Toye, a teenage type 1 diabetic, will discover the magic hidden on his grandmother’s property. He’ll read about Malcolm Toye’s journey when he finds a set of leather bound journals. He’ll see the snowman trapped on the property, and the other things that haunt the forest. Most importantly, he’ll uncover Malcolm Toye’s master plan to harm others. And why he wants to.

     Flury will come to Oliver’s rescue more than once.

Flury: Journey of a SnowmanFlury: Journey of a Snowman
(Claus #3)

by Tony Bertauski
YA Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Holiday

Life hasn’t been kind to Oliver Toye.

As if juvenile diabetes isn’t enough, he’s forced to live with his tyrannical grandmother in a snow-bound house. He spends his days doing chores and the nights listening to the forest rumble.

But when he discovers the first leather-bound journal, the family secrets begin to surface. The mystery of his great-grandfather’s voyage to the North Pole is revealed. That’s when the snowman appears.

Magical and mysterious, the snowman will save Oliver more than once. But when the time comes for Oliver to discover the truth, will he have the courage? When Flury needs him, will he have the strength? When believing isn’t enough, will he save the snowman from melting away?

Because sometimes even magic needs a little help.

About Tony Bertauski

During the day, I'm a horticulturist. While I've spent much of my career designing landscapes or diagnosing dying plants, I've always been a storyteller. My writing career began with magazine columns, landscape design textbooks, and a gardening column at the Post and Courier (Charleston, SC). However, I've always fancied fiction.

My grandpa never graduated high school. He retired from a steel mill in the mid-70s. He was uneducated, but he was a voracious reader. I remember going through his bookshelves of paperback sci-fi novels, smelling musty old paper, pulling Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov off shelf and promising to bring them back. I was fascinated by robots that could think and act like people. What happened when they died?

I'm a cynical reader. I demand the writer sweep me into his/her story and carry me to the end. I'd rather sail a boat than climb a mountain. That's the sort of stuff I want to write, not the assigned reading we got in school. I want to create stories that kept you up late.

Having a story unfold inside your head is an experience different than reading. You connect with characters in a deeper, more meaningful way. You feel them, empathize with them, cheer for them and even mourn. The challenge is to get the reader to experience the same thing, even if it's only a fraction of what the writer feels. Not so easy.

In 2008, I won the South Carolina Fiction Open with Four Letter Words, a short story inspired by my grandfather and Alzheimer's Disease. My first step as a novelist began when I developed a story to encourage my young son to read. This story became The Socket Greeny Saga. Socket tapped into my lifetime fascination with consciousness and identity, but this character does it from a young adult's struggle with his place in the world. After Socket, I thought I was done with fiction. But then the ideas kept coming, and I kept writing. Most of my work investigates the human condition and the meaning of life, but not in ordinary fashion. About half of my work is Young Adult (Socket Greeny, Claus, Foreverland) because it speaks to that age of indecision and the struggle with identity. But I like to venture into adult fiction (Halfskin, Drayton) so I can cuss. Either way, I like to be entertaining.
And I'm a big fan of plot twists.

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Prism Book Tours

A Christmas Reunion by Donna Hatch

A Christmas Reunion, The Gift of a Second Chance

by Donna Hatch

Available FOR ONLY $0.99 in digital format everywhere ebooks are sold!

More About the Book

It's not part of a series but it might feel like to readers because I seem to be enamored with long lost lovers reuniting, and also with chance meetings at a wayside inn. I'm sure a psychologist would read something into that but hey, I don't question the muse.

I chose the heroine’s name Emily because the root Latin word is Emil, meaning rival. In A Christmas Reunion, there is a rival for the man Emily loves, but it’s not who she thinks. A secondary meaning for Emily is ‘to prevail’ which Emily does and wins back the man she loves, but not in a way she’d ever imagined.

First lines of book: Emily unfolded Bennett’s last letter, tempted to burn the harbinger of such sorrow, and read it yet again, as if some vain hope still remained in her heart that the cruel writing would magically transform into words of love.

A Christmas Reunion,

The Gift of a Second Chance
by Donna Hatch

Adult Historical Romance (Clean)

Published by The Wild Rose Press

Heartbroken that her betrothed has wed another woman, Emily is determined to pick up the pieces of her life and enjoy Christmas with her family. ​

Newly returned from war, Bennett holds a secret and will do anything to ensure Emily, his only true love, never discovers it...even if it means losing her.

Fate reunites the star-crossed lovers and reveals the truth that will either unite them or drive them apart forever.

Donna 2013 (1)About Donna Hatch
My passion for writing began at the tender age of 8 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Of course, I also wanted to be an actress and a ballerina, but one out of three isn’t bad, right?

In between caring for six children, (7 counting my husband), my day job, my free lance editing and copy writing, and my many volunteer positions, I manage to carve out time to indulge in my writing obsession. After all, it IS an obsession. My family is more patient and supportive than I deserve.

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- Ends November 12th

Prism Book Tours

COVER REVEAL: Bittersweet by Shewanda Pugh (Love Edy #2)

Bittersweet by Shewanda Pugh  (Love Edy #2) 
Publication date: December 9th 2014
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Synopsis: In the aftermath of one tragic and uncertain night, Edy and Hassan shut out the chaos with a kiss. But when Hassan’s traditionalist mother sees that kiss … well, a nightmare of a different sort begins. After all, he still has an arranged marriage on the horizon.
Love attacks the glue of their two bonded families; while the slow tug of success pulls Edy and Hassan in opposite directions.  After denying their feelings for so long, they now have each other, but are forced to ask themselves if being together is worth it.

Review copy (book 1): If anyone is interested in a review copy of Love, Edy, we have it listed in our Netgalley catalog for request here!

Shewanda Pugh is a tomboy who credits Stephen King with being the reason she writes romance. In
2012 she debuted with the first novel in a three part contemporary adult romance series, Crimson Footprints. Since then, she's been shortlisted for the AAMBC Reader's Choice Award, the National Black Book Festival's Best New Author Award, and the Rone Award for Contemporary Fiction in 2012 and 2013. She has an MA in Writing from Nova Southeastern University and a BA in Political Science from Alabama A&M University. Though a native of Boston, MA, she now lives in Miami, FL, where she can soak up sun rays without fear of shivering. Her first young adult romance, Love Edy, is scheduled for release on June 24th, 2014.

Author Links:

Court by Cat Patrick- Book Blast

Title: Court
Author: Cat Patrick
Date of Publication: October 23rd 2014
Blurb Description: For more than 300 years, a secret monarchy has survived and thrived within the borders of the US, hiding in plain sight as the state known as Wyoming. But when the king is shot and his seventeen-year-old son, Haakon McHale, is told he will take the throne, becoming the eleventh ruler of the Kingdom of Eurus, the community that's survived for centuries is pushed to the limit. Told through four perspectives, Court transplants us to a world that looks like ours, but isn't. Gwendolyn Rose, daughter of the Duke of Coal, is grudgingly betrothed to Haakon -- and just wants a way out. Alexander Oxendine, son of the Duke of Wind and Haakon's lifelong best friend, already grapples with internal struggles when he's assigned to guard Haakon after the king dies. And commoner Mary Doyle finds whispers in the woods that may solve -- or destroy -- everything, depending on your bloodline.

Money. Love. Power. Community. What's your motivation?


About Cat Patrick:

Raised in a house that was struck by lightning–twice–Cat Patrick is the author of young adult books ForgottenRevived, and The Originals, and the co-author of Just Like Fate.
As a child, Cat could be found making up stories like her first book, Dolly the Purple Spotted Dolphin; growing corn in the backyard; or performing with a traveling sign-language troupe. She earned a journalism degree from the University of Wyoming and a master’s degree from Boston University, and worked in public relations for fifteen years. She lives outside of Seattle with her husband and twin daughters, and is on Twitter @seecatwrite, or Facebook at authorcatpatrick.

Cat once…
• Interrupted Warren Beatty’s lunch to snap a picture with him.
• Appeared on a game show, but not as a competitor.
• Climbed a 50 foot tower and rappelled back down. (At least she thinks it was 50 feet.)
• Met Muhammad Ali.
• Was on the high school golf team.
• Got a tattoo.
• Was pooped on by a dolphin.
• Performed a high kick routine to Personal Jesus.
• Interviewed Carmen Electra.
• Worked as a “concessionist” at a movie theater.
• Met the guy who created Sonic the Hedgehog.
Cat likes… Crunchy snacks, decaf nonfat lattes, mint chip ice cream, Alan Rickman, zombies from afar, traveling, reading, easy hikes, challenging plotlines, stargazing, silly hats, and boots.
Cat dislikes… Talking on the phone, socks with holes, zombies close up, the flu, mean people, touching ice, copyedits, flying, spiders, squeaky windshield wipers, black licorice, and salmon.

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BLOG TOUR: Play With Me and Ryan Hunter by Anna Katmore

 Author: Anna Katmore
Publication Date: 8th December 2014
Blurb Description: Ryan Hunter’s parties are legend. And tonight she’s going to be there.
Lisa Matthews has been in love with her best friend since kindergarten. They’re close as can be. They’ve even slept in each other’s bed. But they’ve never kissed. Weeks away from her seventeenth birthday, Lisa hopes that soon things will change between them. But when Tony comes home after summer soccer camp, his mind is focused on someone else. And worse, that new girl is a soccer player.
Fighting for her love, Lisa gets carried away and makes a stupid decision: Without the least bit of talent or any passion for the sport whatsoever, she goes for the co-ed soccer team.
The tryouts are hell, the first match ends bloody, and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible—in the arms of the captain of the soccer team. The hottest guy in school. Ryan Hunter.
 Get Them From Amazon
Play with Me: Amazon
Ryan Hunter: Amazon
Anna Katmore

Anna Katmore grew up in Vienna. After she graduated from school at the age of 18, she moved to
Austria’s country side. 
Apart from traveling around the world, her one big passion is writing. She says about herself that she has been a storyteller all her life. Already in kindergarten, she came up with the most exotic fantasies and tales. Her teacher used to call her a liar. Anna calls it the cornerstone of her writing career.

Inspired by authors such as Lisa Jane Smith, Stepheny Meyer, and Becca Fitzpatrick, she started writing her first novel in 2009. Excessive reading and analyzing the structure and characters of her favorite books helped her develop the necessary skills and her very own voice. Because of her love for the language, she writes stories in English first, and when she finds a few weeks to squeeze into her tight writing schedule, she translates them into German later.

Her preferred genres are YA and fantasy romance.

In late 2012, Anna debuted with her novella PLAY WITH ME and later made this the first book of a series called Grover Beach Team. PLAY WITH ME was a finalist in its category for the RONE (Reward Of Novel Excellence) Awards, hosted by the InD’Tale magazine at the Romance Novel Convention 2013 in Las Vegas.

If you still want to know more about me, my FAQ page is the right address for you.

Twitter: @AnnaKatmore


She's been in love with him for as long as she can remember. She's slept in the same bed as him, spent her summers watching movies with him, and can never seem to stay mad at him.

And now, she thinks its time. Time to let him know that she wants more than to just be friends. She wants him to be her first kiss, her one and only true love. 

Except he doesn't see her that way! 

Ryan Hunter has wanted Lisa Maxwell even since the first time he saw her in freshman year, cheering on her best friend, the devotion on her face obvious. Ryan is mysterious, a playboy and hosts the most legendary parties...

Though Play With Me and Ryan Hunter have the same storyline, they were both EXTREMELY good. There was just something about the fast pace, general cockiness of attitude that all the characters had, all while showcasing that they do have weak spots, made me fall in love!