The PERFECT Story // It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande

Title: It Must've Been Something He Wrote
Author: Nikita Deshpande
Publication Date: August 20th 2016
Publisher: Hachette India
Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone!
I Got A Copy Through: Hachette India (THANK YOU!)
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Blurb Description: When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. 
As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different?
Truth be told, despite the fact that I’m Indian, I don’t read too many Indian writers. In fact, last year, I read a grand total of ONE book written by an Indian author.

And yet, here I am, falling in love with my THIRD Indian Book so far this year!

It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote is a HILARIOUS, swoon worthy read set in the world of books, writers and protein shakes.

Amruta is a book snob. She needs her books to be real and funny and filled with flawed characters and not perfect people that know they are perfect for each other with just one glance across a crowded room.
From My Balcony!
Amruta is a marketing associate at the prestigious Parker Hailey’s Publishers and despite her best attempts to be good at her job, all she ever does is show up in the office in rain-soaked clothes, and insult their biggest author to his face.

Jishnu Guha’s books are the kind that Amruta detests – actually, they are the ones she detests the most. With titles like ‘You Had Me at Hello… Now Goodbye’ and ‘Let Me Be Your Hero’, she thinks he is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the Indian book market. And the man isn’t any less infuriating – a serial selfie taker, gym freak and only a slight murderer of the English language – she knows she can never stand him.

Until, that is, she really gets to know him. As he helps her out with her latest crush and her work and family problems, her new friend is slowly becoming the first person she wants to call after exciting news and the one she wants to see at the end of the day. 

And, well, the two of them became what I want to read about and experience EVERYDAY! 

I can’t resist cute love stories, and this one took the cake. It literally had me going I WANT THIS LIFE. I WANT IT ALL.

There was just SO MUCH HUMOUR (and so many scenes where I found myself gripping my heart so it wouldn't break from #ALLtheFEELS, but you need to experience the magic for yourself.

Apart from Amruta and Jishnu, there were loads of secondary characters like Jyo and Bunts and Amruta’s family that really made the story, and I’m hoping Nikita brings up back to this world with one of their stories.

With just the right doses of the Crazy Indian Family mixed with helpings of ‘modern’ thought, with just the right amount of romance and friendship, sass and swooning, this book is a MUST read!

I can pretty much guarantee that this will make you fall in love!

5 stars!
Nikita Deshpande is a creative nomad. A writer of copy, screenplay and poetry, she graduated in English Literature from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. An occasional film-maker, she has assisted directors on prominent films such as Fukrey (2013) and Mirzya (2016), and was the writer/director of the winning commercial at Crash the Pepsi IPL (2015). It Must've Been Something He Wrote is her first novel.

Which was the last REALISTIC yet EXTREMELY swoony book you read? 
What do you think of It Must've Been Something He Wrote? 
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