Review: A Shot Of Reckless by Maddie Paige

Title: A Shot Of Reckless
Author: Maddie Paige
Publisher: Elephantine Publishing
Publication Date: October 14th 2015
Part of A Series?: No- Standalone
I Got A Copy Through :MMSAI Tours

Blurb Description: Art major, Roxy Thompson, is a ball of fun—but she's also careful to keep her walls intact when it comes to men. She likes relationships just like her coffee: light and sweet. After having her heart shattered once before, she’s determined not to ever feel that broken again.

College senior, Lake Foster, is just tempting enough to make Roxy rethink her rules of engagement. Suddenly, high-dollar shots and a no-strings night out aren't enough anymore. But Lake isn't looking for long-term. His future is set, and in four months, he intends to graduate and leave Georgia—and everything in it—behind. Luckily, short-term fun is Roxy’s specialty, and Lake can’t resist what he promises will be a fleeting taste.

Will Roxy and Lake really walk away when their time is up? They only have one shot to find out!


Actual Rating: 3.5 

Bad Boy. Bad Girl. College. Just a little more than your average amount of alcohol. And a "no strings attached" relationship, that turns into something more. I expected a whole lot from a Shot Of Reckless, and all I can say is that it didn't quite reach all of them.

Roxy Thompson is THAT girl. The one that moves through guys so fast, you'd think they were Kleenex at a funeral. But that's only what Roxy who you think she is. On the inside, she's just afraid to let anyone see who she really is- afraid to give anyone power over her heart or the thing that means the most to her- her art.

Lake Foster noticed Roxy, but not because what a good lay everyone says she is, but because of the painting in the coffee place he works in- the one he knows she did. After one night that involved an auction, an old belt, and way too many vodka shots, that ended in nothing satisfying, Lake finds he can't get Roxy out of his system. 

And so it begins...

A Shot Of Reckless was in one word- typical. Their relationship, how it turned into something more that neither of them wanted to acknowledge, but both of them had accepted, the ending- everything. What did intrigue were the elements of abuse and art, and suicide and drugs and disorder, which would have made the book memorable and poignant, but they were all given a side seat to the sex lives of two college kids. Don't get me wrong, the chemistry was great- and if you're into just that- by all means, go for it- I, on the other hand, was looking for something just a bit more.

A good read, all the same! 

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  1. don't know. I am not sure I feel encouraged by bad girl and bad guy scene. Someone is bound to get hurt