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"I wish I didn't know. I wish my heart hadn't been seared black in my chest. I wish everything were different." - Surrender the Sky



" I knew the day was not going to end well as soon as I saw the gun. It bulged in the outside pocket of his backpack, hidden unless someone looked for it. Of course, I had to be the one looking for it.
Chad kept his head down in class, his pen scratching dark lines of some doodle across his paper. I couldn’t drag my gaze away from him.
He’d brought a gun. Damn it. He was going to follow through with his plan.
I was focusing so hard on the knot of guilt in my stomach and the tangle of plans to stop Chad that Bea had to kick my chair to alert me class had started. Of course, Bea had to be in this class with the homicidal kid who was my responsibility.
I did a quick head count. It was Friday, half-day schedule, last period, with spring break starting next week. Most everyone had ditched already, and only thirteen people remained, including our teacher.
Unfortunately, just enough of the students on Chad’s list stayed for the last class. "

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