Providence by Lisa Colozza Cocca- Review

Author: Lisa Colozza Cocca
Publisher: Merit Press
Publishing Date: March 18th 2014
Blurb Description: The eldest of ten children on a dirt-poor farm, Becky trudges through life as a full-time babysitter, trying to avoid her father's periodic violent rages. When the family's barn burns down, her father lays the blame on Becky, and her own mother tells her to run for it. Run she does, hopping into an empty freight car. There, in a duffel bag, Becky finds an abandoned baby girl, only hours old. After years of tending to her siblings, sixteen-year-old Becky knows just what a baby needs. This baby needs a mother. With no mother around, Becky decides, at least temporarily, this baby needs her. 

When Becky hops off the train in a small Georgia town, it's with baby "Georgia" in her arms. When she meets Rosie, an eccentric thrift-shop owner, who comes to value and love Becky as no one ever has, Becky rashly claims the baby as her own. Not everyone in town is as welcoming as Rosie, though. Many suspect Becky and her baby are not what they seem. Among the doubters is a beautiful, reclusive woman with her own terrible loss and a long history with Rosie. 

As Becky's life becomes entangled with the lives of the people in town, including a handsome boy who suspects Becky is hiding something from her past, she finds her secrets more difficult to keep. Becky should grab the baby and run, but her newfound home and job with Rosie have given Becky the family she's never known. Despite her guilt over leaving her mother alone, she is happy for the first time. But it's a happiness not meant to last. When the truth comes out, Becky has the biggest decision of her life to make. Should she run away again? Should she stay--and fight? Or lie? What does the future hold for Becky and Georgia? 

With a greatness of heart and a stubborn insistence on hope found in few novels of any genre, "Providence" proves that home is where you find it, love is an active verb, and family is more than just a word.

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My Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion*

So, where do I start? It has taken me a really long time to read this book. A couple of months, I think, including all the times I put it down, and then had to take it back up again, simply because I can't DNF a book. 

The synopsis seemed promising, and the cover creative, and I would have loved to have seen how Becky dealt with finding, and raising, an hour- old abandoned baby with no money, no support and pretty much anything at all. I decided to give it a try mostly due to this line, which kind of made me smile "Providence proves that home is where you find it, love is an active verb, and family is more than just a word."

And yet, now, a full week after I finished the book, the only thing that I seem to remember is how our protagonist kept making "Baby Girl" bottles, or changing her diaper, or Becky freaking out or everybody saying how beautiful the infant was. And then, this deserves a mention, how kind Rose was (because she absolutely was).That's it. The whole while, I kept waiting for the story to begin, but it never did. It was just like a part of someone's life, going on, with no beginning and certainly no full-stop. 

There was no staying and fighting or lying, as the blurb promises, because Rose, the lady who takes Becky in, didn't even want an explanation. There was barely anything about her missing her family, or the emotional duress it put on her. Becky was whiny, a little too over dramatic and I feel, certainly took on more than she could handle, but even that wasn't talked about.   

I wish I did like this book, I really do. Teenagers with babies is such an important topic these days, but it just didn't work for me. I think I would've enjoyed if Becky expressed more, about how she felt with the baby, working and without her parents rather than what they might think of her for all of it. Becky was entirely selfless, took on too much and expected too little, which nobody reall. Even if she complained, I might have liked Providence better. I guess I have nothing more to say.

My Verdict: 

It's just not in me to reccomend this book, unless you go for the seriously self- sacrificing type. 

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