The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

 Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Publishing Date: May 9th 2013 (original publication 1995)
Blurb Description:   A mysterious toymaker who lives as a recluse in an old mansion, surrounded by the mechanical beings he has created enigma surrounding strange lights that shine through the mists that envelop the small island on which the old lighthouse stands...a shadowy creature that hides deep in the woods...these are the elements of a mystery that bind will bind 14-year-old Irene to Ismael during one magical summer spent in the Blue Bay. He mother has taken a job as a housekeeper for the toymaker, Lazarus, but his house contains more secrets than Irene and Ishmael have bargained for 
My Rating: 4.5 stars!

My Review:

An estate of the most unimaginable beauty when the sun shines upon it, that turns into the hiding place of the most deadly secrets of the past, every day, when darkness arrives from the folds of the light…
A story that starts in a young boy’s ‘prison’ cell in the streets of Paris; a young boy with hopes and dreams, even with everything against him…
And a heart that was never his to begin with, so how could he give it, so completely, away?
In the small town of Blue Bay, so different from the busy motor- car filled streets of London, with its clean atmosphere and closely knit society, come Simone and her children Irene and Dorian Sauvelle from all the riches they were blessed with, to the tragedy that wiped everything they knew. The new housekeeper to Cravenmoore, a place that legends only whisper about, little does she or her children realise that everything is about to change, again.
Within the many towers of Cravenmoore, an enigmatic toymaker lives in recluse surrounded by creatures of his wildest fantasies that he molded to escape his solitude. For Lazarus Jann is chained to the past, a past he doesn’t have the power to leave.
A murder in the forest starts a chain reaction that should never have been tampered with and a twenty year old secret is on the verge of breaking loose- a secret that took a life to remain buried. A mystical diary of a missing woman named Alma Maltisse, young love blooming out on the sea and a sinister presence threatening to destroy the home that made two children smile again.
A beautiful tale on life, moving on from the past and looking into the future!

Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s prose flows like ink, the details of this wonderfully scary and mysterious book so perfectly linked- truly what I like to call a master piece. After all, how can you catch a murderer that lives in 
the shadows, a place visible only to those trying to run from something that is theirs- their past?

My Verdict:

For all those lovers of lyrical prose, hauntings, first loves with a bout of mystery and adventure this is THE book for you! 

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